Losing money (clan system)

It might have been a brilliant idea to have this game free, I might not have heard of it or tried it otherwise, and I was loving it, completely addicted, and suggesting it to all my friends.

I went out and bought a playstation card to purchase DLC’s / expansions.

Then I thought I’d join a clan… and oh wow…
First, I should mention, I joined an official PvE server because I didn’t want my hard work stolen or destroyed. Then a few friends of mine were invited to a clan, and kicked. Everything we worked so hard for to build and acquire were gone instantly… unacceptable.

A friend and myself decided against purchasing anything, most of us quit after no replies to our emails, a couple stayed and switched servers, but will never give money to the developers etc.

After much research, we discovered that this happens all the time, and funcom will do nothing about these people or help us get our stuff back… unacceptable to say the least. Sure, there’s lots of posts about how the clan system is jacked and people do that sort of thing, but unless you or a friend are recent victims, you’d never think it, expect it, or have a reason to research it.

Now for all you trolls out there, save it. No, maybe it’s not a bug. “Working as intended”? yeah, I doubt it.

The system is crap, as most people seem to believe, and no help or recourse for said victims, there is no way that is going to keep players or help the “bottom line”. Offering the game free temporarily was a good first move to helping the game and make money, but the clan system should have been improved prior and/or there should be some admin to help victims from the jerks, trolls, and cheats that ruin their game.

So many aspects of the game are kept from you if you solo, but there is very little benefit to joining a clan if you look at potential risk to losing everything. Maybe losing everything is common in pvp, and there are some that don’t care starting from scratch repeatedly, but I don’t believe that is the vast majority.

What’s worse, is if this happens in PvE, there is nothing you can do, you can’t get revenge, you can’t attack them or their base, guy invited 8 of us, and kicked us all, and we were all F’d. That doesn’t make a good game, nor help make money. Please consider these things and fix them, as many of us will not play the game again or purchase DLC’s until it’s rectified, and some effort to make up for the crap happens (at least a reply email with an apology).

I don’t know anything about this personally.

I’m assuming it works like this:

  1. You build stuff.
  2. You join a clan.
  3. All your property becomes marked as clan-owned.
  4. You are kicked from clan.
  5. Your property remains under clan-ownership.

Which, if that is the case, honestly it needs to be changed. That’s a BS way of handling things in the game.

If nothing else changed, it should be altered to work like this:

  1. You build stuff. Your stuff is tagged as yours.
  2. You join a clan. Your stuff gains a SECOND tag as belonging to the clan.
  3. You are kicked from the clan. Your stuff loses the second tag and reverts to your sole ownership.

The problem, even with that, is that then you get people who join a clan, utilize it’s resources to build up their stuff, then leave the clan and take those resources with them.

Logically, the only true way to resolve something like this, would be to either make it strictly character owned and no clan ownership whatsoever. Or else make said ownership 100% optional.

Simple solution to all this… You and 8 buddies joined a clan… Maybe you and 8 buddies should have made your own clan…
You say many of the aspects of the game are kept from you if you play solo…well thats simply not true. Ive done almost everything possible in this game and did it solo… The only things i havent done are the journey steps that are bugged or cant be completed due to missing content. Hell even playing solo i can jump on a PvP server and go at other players. There isnt anything you cant do solo…thinking you just aren’t experienced enough with the game to figure things out yet. In your case playing with 8 friends you really arent limited on anything and with that many people gathering resources as a group things should get built exponentially. Ive been playing on the same server for 8+ months and have had no issue like that.
Gotta remember things like that can also happen in reverse… Clan collects a ton of things and a few take it all and leave the clan…items are in their inventory now so it belongs to them. Just gotta be mindful of who you make friends with… can be like me and trust noone…ive still made trades for items with other players…i’ll be damned if i invite anyone into my clan at this point. Maybe one day if i go PvP.

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If you were able to keep your items after being kicked out of a clan it would have to be along the lines of only keeping what’s in your own personally built base. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense. What I mean is say you’re in a clan and build a vault in a base tagged to somebody else. You leave the clan. Now you have something built in somebody else’s base. What happens then?
All hypothetical of coarse. Just throwing out a thought because something really does need to be done. I play solo specifically because I’m afraid of something like that happening. My only real world friend that plays this game is on pc.

Best I can say is the officials need some sort of Enforcer. When someone does something crappy like that. Spawn a few Avatars to completely demolish the clan property. Delevel the character back to 1, strip all of their items.

Harsh justice is the only answer. Eventually they learn not to do crap like that.

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Drizzt, you know reading your comment did give me an idea they could try. If you built the vault in the clan base the vault stays with the clan however maybe find a way to give the character that left the clan a time frame to take all items he specifically put into the vault. It does track what you do in the log so the system already knows who put what in. Leaving a clan shouldn’t penalize them perse by taking a vault away. Consider it clan compensation for your time with the clan. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I agree. It is on their property after all. Forces it to stay unlocked for a day until the first “tag” (player ownership) as mentioned by @Crysis is dropped and becomes clan property. Also mentioned by Crysis avatar away. Very few instances I think I would feel justified leveling a base but this would definitely be one of them

Indeed. Since it happens on PVE servers, the only logical reason is that the feature is utilised only due the absence of PVP in an attempt of abuse. People do this coz it’s the calculatively fastest (albeit tricky) way to get stuff from players.

Good idea. It does have the setback you mentioned, yes, but still. Me and my brother pondered how we can get inside our houses due doors not budging and we ended up making a clan just for this sole reason. White listing didn’t help either.

You got trojan horsed there is nothing that can be done except dont join clans or be the clan or play without. Play pvp that way you can get your stuff back plus all their stuff as well. Raided by adding you cause they cant do it the right way on pvp. #ihatecowards.

Fooled in other words.

At the moment.

However, their point is to play PVE. This is why they are on such server. Some players are just abusing the system to do a form of PVP on a PVE server. :confused:

We just need to wait and see.

At least some may.

I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on the matter, some interesting thoughts, and some great ideas!

These ideas, along with others I read before I had even made this post, shows there are many very good ways to improve the clan system, though they may not make for a perfect system, most of these ideas together would make it significantly better.

But from everything I’ve read (not just my own personal opinion), the current clan system is beyond subpar, on top of which, I believe the vast majority of players would like the clan system over-hauled. I personally believe that revamping the clan system and some form of customer support (or “Enforcers”) FIRST, would make the game far better for players, and more money, than focusing on another DLC.

Another concern I have, is that I have read many similar posts regarding clans, some complaining, some offering suggestions to improve it, and many with quite a bit of both; yet for some reason, these issues still remain, and seem to happen frequently.

I have read a few things suggesting that Funcom reads these, and listens to their fan base. But near as I can tell, that might not be the case. Does anyone know how often, if ever, these are read by their staff, and if we can count on improvements in the foreseeable future?

Yes its a big risk to merge klans, and this is not the first post about it.

And yes the system need an uppdate and given some love…

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