Lost Character after transfer


i lost my charakter while transfer was still active.

Charakter was lost on 09.05.2022
Charakter Name: Tinkerbell, lv 60
Guild: DRIP
Last played server: Officeal 6003 and i was trying to transfer to 1060

Any way this can still be restored? Thank you.

same thing happened to one of our clan mates,

character name : wayzar
guild No owner
was transfering from server 6157 to 1930.

my friend is so devastated by it among other thing, he is no longer playing, due to funcom irresponsiveness , they never did anything despite of the zendesk ticket he sent a month and a half ago (aprox)

really bad customer support (why i am not surprised? )

Hi @Thorag

Currently character transfers are disabled so our team over on Zendesk won’t be able to help out until the character transfers are re-enabled.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this and we hope you can send a ticket in Zendesk once the transfers are re-enabled.