Lost everything after only 8 days being logged off

Everything is gone after only 8 days being logged out. I last logged in Saturday 2nd March and checked by 4 bases. Logged in today 11th March and everything is gone. All 4 bases, all thralls, all boxes crates of stuff, everything.

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Depending on when you last logged off on the 2nd and your log in today, that could potentially be 10 days.

Official servers have a 10 day decay timer, are you on one?


Hello there @Hoodedclaw and welcome to the forums!

Thank you for taking the time to report this situation to us.

Would you be so kind as to share a screenshot of your event log? Feel free to sent it via private message if you prefer.

there is what seems to be a bug if not intentional but i saw no annoucement about that, after 10 days, base are going to decay state (that is normal), but now once they go in decay state there is only a 24h decay timer grace, which mean that all bases will collapse after 10days + 1. in past the grace period of decay state was matching the time before a base fall in decay if nobody connect to refresg, so was 10 days + 10 days of decay state (if nobody choose to destroy your base in decay state). this is also the case on the beta live version.(10+1, and not 10+10)

I don’t remember the grace period ever being 10 days.

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was always the case since long time when 5 days, was 5 days grace period etc…

when 10 days was 10 days grace period but never 24h as it is actually (and that recent, something like 1 month and its why on beta live all bases collapsed by itself (as once grace period hit 0 building collapse if you log or if someone just come in render distance)

It has been 24 hrs for me for years based on logs on Officials.

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what i call grace period is the timer when building is already in decay state (so destroyable by an other player)

ex 240 h timer, when hit 0, enter in decay state, but with a grace period of 240h where you can still log and refresh if nobody has already decayed the building, and refresh it without having the building collapse by itself

actual state is 240h timer than enter in a 24h decay state, with automatic collapse if you log after the 24h.

I know exactly what you mean. I’ve allowed buildings to decay in that state, so not refreshing them, and they decay naturally within 24hrs. But someone has to render it such as running by.

A building/placeable can remain indefinitely if it is not rendered.

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There was a bug for something like 2-3 months on officials last year where the decay state was also 10 days.

It was fixed in the last I’m going to say 6-8 months?

I don’t know if it was just like that on Exiled lands. I haven’t tried siptah

well cannot be 100% sure as with kiki feedback i have a doubt now, but for me in my memory decay state timer were always matching the fresh timer of building, what appear to me new is the 24h timer of decay state. i play on both siptah and conan and beta. but for sure end of last year decay timer were matching normal timer, and just noticed recently that now 24h, when i saw all building collapsing on beta live after the last beta version update and when i checked it on live official to see it was the same.

but there is for sure some bug for decay system, IE placleables that refuses to enter in decay state and can stay for hours, or even days, or even months in a state of 0h and never entering in decay, and entering into decay after anormal time, can also do that with isolated building piece (1 piece not linked) if lot of several isolated piece not linked are in a close proximity area (ie lot of isoalted pillars in the ground in close proximity, or lot of isolated spikes/pallisades, or torchs in the ground, etc etc)


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