Lost everything in single player mode

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Hi all,

I logged on about 10am and all my buildings have disappeared along with all of my items inside of my houses including work benches and thralls. This has happened on my single player mode which I am playing with a couple of friends.

Unrelated to the top paragraph, also lost a load of stuff in the caves of the boundary spillway after the debauchery update. Not sure if this is being fixed as I know it has been addressed by a few others a few weeks ago.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.play normally
2.log off
3.log in next day
4.lost everything

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Some caves can no longer be built in. It’s to prevent people from undermeshing

Ah right that’s understandable, I’ve had the cave as a base for a long time, since last years halloween event, but after the debauchery update the walls in the cave have over grown to put it which must be a kinda glitch as the textures on the walls aren’t loading properly either haha.

So I decided to move base and start a fresh but now the buildings I have built over the past month have completely vanished and I have lost all my items inside =/

Hello @MrBod, thank you for opening a new post as requested!

As sestus2009 mentioned, certain caves and locations that were abused by exploiters were tweaked, which unfortunately may lead to building/item loss by legimitate players such as yourself, and we apologize for that.

Regarding your item loss in coop play, were there any relevant messages in the Event Log?
Are you the host of the session or are you joining one of your friends’ session?

Hi hugo,

Yes I’m the host of the session and there were no messages in the event log that I can remember. Just seemed to all disappear for no apparent reason that I can figure out. I can double check the event log when I log back on if that helps? Just to check I didn’t miss anything.

Please do, also if there are any details that you can recall before this issue occured, such as if there was a crash, if you exited the sessions by quitting to the main menu, and whether there were still players present when you stopped playing, be sure to let us know.

Hi hugo,

Just checked the event log and it says that all the items has lost stability, nothing before hand and nothing after. Regarding other players I was the only one on when I logged out the day before and I was the only one on when it all disappeared. Also when I logout of the sessions I always exit to main menu first. Hope this helps at all, also took some screen shots of the event log and a video of it if that helps at all.

Thank you, feel free to share the video and screenshots privately with us through direct message ( click on my forum name and then the message button ), you might have to break down the links with one or two spaces if the forums prevents you from posting them.

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