Lost gears when the server crashed

Game mode: [Online | Official ps4 # 3881]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [america]

[Whats up, ive been playing official for some time now in the server 3881 PVE, got nothing bad to say about the game or the server but earlyer today i died, when i got back to my dead body the server crashed or rebooted without any notice it was down for almost an hour when it was finally back up i had no body laying there no grave mark nothing i lost all my gears and legendary weapons i had from rare drops took me quite a lot of grinding to get those and i was wondering if you guys got access to the logs to actually see the decayed items and help me out getting it back ? Would be appreciated thanks in advance ! ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Sorry my friend Funcom can not get you your items back. There’s no on server admins. I believe that Gportal has been doing random maintenance on servers. My server went down at a unusual time of Monday was out a hour plus . Have heard from others of this happening. @Kings514

Yea i can understand that but its an official server not a random private server lol should be supported when needed …

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On a private server the admin would likely help replace your items. Unfortunately we will probably never know why Gportal server’s drop and come back later. Couple years ago East coast servers went down due to over heating that was announced but that time it was for hours.

I know about that one i had few ark servers lol

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