EQ lost after server crash

Official server PvE 3049 went down (around 21:30 UTC + 0) when I was in a middle of a fight, last thing I saw was respawn option pop-up. I was checking every few minutes if it’s back. Finally I gave up after multiple attempts and decided to come back like half hour later. It was back, but my carcass dissapeared in the meantime. I’ve lost a lot of hard to drop eq, including (I use descriptions, I don’t know all english names of these items) the +1 all stat shoes and pants, 76dmg 2-hander (adventurer smth), axe with embedded poison (not the crafted one), legendary dancer shirt, legendary +strength medium helmet, legend. watcher’s mask, legend. scorpion (cleansing) chestpiece, bearer’s backpack, +encumbrance 2-hander, some legendary bow. Some of these were last spares I had. Especially unnamed city drops ar the problem, their droprate is insane.
Is there a way to get them back through admin assistance, or any other way?
This is third time I’ve lost all, previous was due to a bug (carcass hovering 10m above the ground in non-build area). Other was when thrall didn’t fight the boss because devs didn’t tell anyone that crom’s sword is useless after update, I died in a fight and didn’t manage to get all keys in time to pick stuff up (it was warmaker dun). I’ve really had enough of this game, but I keep trying to get back. Losing all stuff again, this time without my fault at all, is probably tipping point for me.

I am sorry for your loss. It can certainly be frustrating. It is highly unlikely to get any of your items returned to you by an admin on official. The game can be really enjoyable on private servers with admins to take care of their players. Before giving up, consider joining one.

So you managed to do half of the dungeon without noticing sword of crom didn’t work?

Official PVE, you wont get anything back, sorry. Its one of the anomalies of playing a game on the internet. It does get frustrating, and we have all been there at one time.
You can monitor the server ping by hitting the tilde key and typing in “to” then scroll up 4 spaces and hit enter. This will give you a box that shows the server ping and general health of your connection.
I use it religiously, and when it goes into the yellow or starts getting erratic, I stop what i am doing and try to find a safe zone.
This has saved me many times on server crashes and freezes from losing my gear. Its not 100 percent full proof but is an added tool to help maintain your sanity when the connection or the server start to falter.

Well, I did see the thrall was fighting like an idiot, I was blaming the AI getting worse after the update. He was doing few hits then walking around pointlessly, I had no idea it was because thralls were getting “tired” of fighting with Crom’s now. I was incredibly annoyed, but kept going. Until the critical moment when I really needed this idiot to at least draw aggro by doing anything to the enemy, and his blank stare wasn’t enough…

JJDancer Probably a good advice, but I’m on PS4. I picked the PS4 tag when posting, apparently a forum feature as useful as half of CE ingame mechanics.

In general, thanks for making me realize that official servers are useless with support. I’m not even trying privates - being dependent on strangers’ decisions, server dissapearing on someone’s whim? No thanks.
With all bizzare changes with updates, bugs, DLCs not covered by season pass (which I foolishly purchased), and lack of fixes for glaring ongoing issues, I think I’ll just finish the storyline, get trophies, and keep away from anything funcom-related forever.
Dammit, another game with play-forever possibilty went to hell…
Poor Dune franchise.

You might be surprised at how good they are. Early on, when I was new, I was feeling the way you do, however since I moved to private servers, it is soooo much better. Yeah, you may need to search for a good one but there are good ones. Now I can read the forum topics and sigh at the next guy who lost his stuff due to a server crash and ready to quit when there is an easy way out from all this frustration :slight_smile:

There are good and bad changes though, some issues easier than others to fix. As for the season pass, I am sorry but you can’t really blame Funcom for your own choices. You know DLCs are not essential, you knew what was included in the Season Pass (because it is written in the description) and you went ahead and bought it anyway. DLCs are for the people who want to support the game and the publishers. If you were unhappy with the current state of the game, you should have put your wallet where your mouth is.

There is no such thing as a play-forever game. You won’t last forever either :slight_smile: However, if you don’t have fun playing the game anymore and the frustration outweighs the fun, by all means, go and play something else. You may realize that Funcom are actually one of the better publishers out there.

In general I’d agree, but…
The server crash is just one issue, and your advice with privates is by all means valid in that context. Private servers won’t solve the other issues the game has though.
The problem with the season pass: In my naivety I assumed that stuff released WITHIN the season of season pass will be included. Yes, my bad for not reading fine print indeed.
Why I bought it? It is one of the games that seems the best thing ever at the beginning, but the more you play the more faults comes out. I did buy it as you said - to support devs, because I got it for free from PSN, DLCs were just an addition. I thought, cool, I give them money for a great game and get some stuff in add-ons. It was a bit disappointing when they went full bethesda with the first DLC released after I got the pass. Then I started to see how lacking the game is, and both primary (“great game”) and secondary reason for getting the pass resulted in disappointment. I admitted I bought it by stupidity, I’m not sure how you expect from me to modify my decision retroactively. I’m not expecting a refund. Considering how much time I spent in the game before realizing it’s bad, the money I paid probably would be worth it. It’s just this money was not technically a payment for the game.
And do I really have to explain that play-forever wasn’t literal?
You have mentioned changes. Well, it’s typical online game dev approach - release lots of new stuff (which is great), leave all the old problems as it was (not so great), and modify existing things players like (faceplam) . Thralls still are idiots (seriously, even mentioned bethesda has better AI), they still sink underground while fighting oversized enemies (which admittedly adds a comedy element to the game), generally everyone clipping through everything (thralls feet hanging from the ceiling), “vaulting” over small objects stills results in silly “air-climbing” animation, 75% of legendaries are still useless, I’m still getting stuck inside of legendary rhino’s head (or red mother’s leg) during the fight, skeletal bosses still hit air for 5 meters before realizing I did megaprogamerover9k dodge maneuver called “walking left”, the purge is still useless. Generally, the amount of functions and items that are useless, or became useless after updates, is staggering, it would fill whole separate post. I could go a bit more here, but this is seriously off-thread now.
“You may realize that Funcom are actually one of the better publishers out there”, oh dear… Worst part is, this might actually be close to the truth.
There are always people defending bad practices of devs, in all games. And “ranting” is always criticized by them. I give up. You are right. Game is great. No fixes needed, just give us more stuff in the game.
Can someone please close this thread? I got the info I wanted. Ranting and counter-ranting is the second most pointless use of forums.

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