Lost sp-character

Hey guys

My ps5 shut down during respawntime after death and so i apparently lost my character. But after creating a new one i sew that all the buildings and etc. Are still there.

I have figured to change settings to not allow ownership so i can access all the old stuff. But there is still the issue with thralls and landclaim.

Are there any way i can overtake or joind the guild? Or just any other way i can overcome these issues?

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I don’t understand why you lost your first character. Logging out and restarting your ps5 may have solved the problem. It works for official and private servers. In fact my wife is loading back to official server right now because doors are invisible and she can’t get out of her small house. You could take all the buildings down to get rid of land claims but you would still have thralls and pets in the way. You can’t get invited into your old clan . Unfortunately I think deleting your old game and starting a new one is the best you can do. Welcome to the Forum by the way. @Enurthegreat Perhaps some one else has a better alternative my friend @Croms_Faithful plays strictly offline and might have a suggestion .

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Had this a few times on Ps4. (even had abit of fun with it. If you have PVP on)

Your old character will fail to load. (corrupted save etc) You can delete old save, or make new character.
funny enough… SP is somewhat treated like a Server. So your new character will load into old world.

And alot of it will remain.

Later updates to how loot other player stuff, has basically prevent you from messing with items. You need turn on PVP and… few other setting. And then during raid time break old stuff down etc.

If you want to clean restart, use back up save (keep one handy, as blue screen happening during saving have cost me my save several times since sorcery update)

Or delete old one. (You DO NOT have to delete options setting) And then make new character which will have a new world.

I found in SP, trying keep old character bases around cause abit of land claim issues. Its a fun side project, but thats about it.

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Cool suggestions :blush:. Attacking your old character thanks @Sera67 .

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