Lost thralls and kicked from clan from server transfer

I transferred from a official EL server to a official Siptah server. When the clan leader logged onto the EL server all the buildings and stuff was still there but all the clans thralls had disappeared. Is this normal?

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Hi @UltraSmalls

Please make sure you check out this link for more information regarding character transfers.

Hope this helps!

The clan owns the thralls, so why did they disappear when I transferred? I just logged on again and apparently the game killed me and now all the armor I had on has also disappeared

I think he/she is saying that the there were still clan characters and leader back in the old server and when the clan member (the OP) transfered to a new server (and hence leaving the clan in the old server), the clan leader noticed all of the thralls were gone in the old server. Since the clan is still in the old server, the thralls should have been linked to the clan (just like if you leave a clan) and not to the person leaving. If a clan member transfering does actually remove the entire thrall population of the clan remaining, I don’t believe that was an intent of the transfer system. It may be easier to route a player through the leaving the clan process before transfering (IE instead of the clan leader having to leave the clan, just make it that any clan association has to be left before transfering) than dig into the code.

@UltraSmalls Can you get a pic of the Event logs from your old clan focused on thrall events so it can be shared to see what the log shows happened?

It wont let me upload a photo of the event log as I am a new user, but what is says is “decayed because no member of the guild has been online in a long time”

Wondering since I was the only one active for quite some time if this caused the decay when I left. The clan lead had not been playing for awhile, then logged on after I transferred to refresh timers. That is when he noticed all the thralls were gone. I would have figured my presence would have kept the timers up though for the clan. If my theory is true, they may want to add this note to the server transfer guide.

Oh wow…that’s not a commonly known thing. I would never have guessed those visits for resets where logged as individual efforts and not just a clan thing…and that could mean the transfer not only breaks your ties with the server but actually forgets you and the actions you did for timer resets for thralls. Interesting indeed.


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I have seen this reported a few times;

I thought it was previously acknowledged but I may be wrong.

You should probably make a new report under the bug report section. This is definitely not intentional.

It’s also a good idea to include the above topics in the bug report too.

In regards to the event log screenshot, you can upload to a site like imgur.com. Just put a space between the (. com). Unless someone from @Community can upgrade your privileges.

doesnt look like they did anything about it. I think i am going to have to take the loss it appears

I bet since the other members have not played in a long time that that was the problem. Look at this way now you can start over, knock out the t2 thrall then another then a few t3s and get that berserker. Sometimes I think that`s the best part. Good luck

i am just glad i didnt have any weapons or armor on them that i had to grind out from bosses. just craftable stuff.

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