Official Server, Loss of followers

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: loss of followers
Server type: PvE
Region: EU
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

I’ve transferred a server and there an error occured. I’ve lost all my followers at both servers, but the buildings are at place. My clanmate remained in the clan, while I was transferring, so all my followers had to remain.
is that possible to get my followers and their gear back? I’m very upset because it’s not my fault, I did everything correctly and it was an unexpectable bug.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Transfer to other server
  2. All thralls, pets and horse is lost

That really sucks, dude. Sorry that happened. Wish I could tell you they’ll fix it, but I seriously doubt they can give you back followers. Even if they can give back followers though, no way you get the gear back. They can’t be sure what gear they had. Good luck, hope you can get at least some of what you lost back.

I feel badly for you, but the same thing happened to my ‘friend’ on a private server. It transpires that when he transferred to 'Siptah, his old buddy was supposed to stay on 'Exiles. His old buddy didn’t log in for 8 days. That was long enough for ALL thralls and pets to die (due to neglect I suppose). His old buddy then remembered to log in just before the 24 hour grace period (the base was already in decay) was due to expire and reset the base’s decay timer (saving the loot and work benches, as well as the base itself, but not the now lost thralls). My friend then transferred back to 'Exiles. He reclaimed the leadership of the clan and then proceeded to kick his old buddy from the clan for his (non)actions.

What I’m trying to say here is that although your friend remained in the clan, they just didn’t log in during the 168 hours requirement and because of this your thralls were ‘lost’. Funcom WILL NOT replace them simply because it was not their fault, but your friends (and in a sense, your own) inaction.

Unless Funcom changed the important server settings without an announcement, official servers are set to have followers decay in 14 (or was it 15?) days. Buildings decay in 8 days max (7 days of decay timer + 1 day of abandonment).

It’s really weird that the buildings would be left standing while the followers decayed.

The only thing I can find related to this is a short-lived discussion in TestLive forum, so it might actually be a bug that should have been reported back then but didn’t.

It ain’t gonna happen. I’ve been playing this game since early access, and Funcom’s policy has always been that they don’t reimburse you for your in-game losses, regardless of who’s responsible.

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