Lots of people name their swords

With the recent introduction into naming thralls, is it possible this could be extended one step further? Naming your weapon? Or renaming them? I don’t think I’m alone in this, but even if so, I’ll still mention this as this is an idea I’ve wanted to see be done for a long while now.

In my gaming experience on this game, I’ve held onto some weapons, (even out some on displays) that have carried me for a long while. Getting attached to them, after fixing them - time and time again. But the idea of naming a weapon that had stayed with me in countless battles, giving it a name - to me offers a little bit more to the whole experience. Lots of people name their swords. , I feel this minor tweak or addition could go a long way for immersions.


Yes, we should be able to name our swords. My sword has cut down countless enemies. It deserves a name that will strike fear into the hearts of those I turn it’s blade on. A name that will become legendary. A name that will go down in history as the greatest sword ever crafted. That name is…Steve! :grin:

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…But seriously, I’m all for anything that allows us to personalize our stuff.

Lots of c*nts

(That’s a got reference for those who are upset bc they didn’t understand)

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The eff’s a Lommy?


Another comment like that and I’m going to have to eat every chicken in this room!


He’s my friend

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