Love on Gaia Storge What would you Do For Family ? Or Noas Bad Day WIP

Pcs Mentioned in this Short Story
Juro : Noa Ainsworth
ABE :Kain Soldmann
Electric Dodo : Miss Ackermann
Deodand : Toni
Aeryl: Georgina Darkmoon

What would you Do For Family ? Or Noas Bad Day WIP

Noa´s really Bad Day Part 1 Jersey mornings…
Noa was waking up hearing a Ringing Noise feeling Hazy with a pounding headache He Opend his Eyes Slowly.
The Lights where flickering he wondered what Truck had Run him over and where he was he looked at the Clock on the Wall as he rolled over to grab his Phone, it was Three in the F…ing Morning he Looked around, He was in a Cheap Hotel yea a Hotel in Jersey ?.. yes new Jersey and His Ears where ringing no… not his Ears it was his Mobile Phone.
His Other Half Spirit Noa was Laughting and smiling that shit eater Grinn on His Face floating around the Room mocking Him for some reason, He felt compelled to Lashout at Him but Restrained Himself .
He Heard a Mumbeling and Sheets Russeling and looked to the Bed Again… .
A Younger Woman He did not recognise imidiatly was laying clearly Naked in the bed next to him Facing the Wall of the Hotel Room he Froze and thought for a second how that came to pass looking around the Messy Hotel Room with Cloth strewn about and realised it after a few seconds a yes it was coming back to him The Club… yes he Knew Her from Botis Goth Club he had met her when the Woman he got Aquainted with last time he was there wanted to hang out with him again… .
Noa sight he remembered he was Sitting in the Club waiting for her a bit early in the Club when he got a Text that She had to Bail since her Kids got the Flue … and she could not get a Babysitter.
Noa remembered he was annoyed but send her a understanding Text and got Drunk and Enjoyed the Evening anyway… and was About to Leave after that and this Woman came up to him and started hitting on him… .
His pounding Head making him wonder how much did he Drink he felt like Roadkill and details where still quite fuzzy he stept on something as he stood up and Picked up a ID that was Laying on the Floor and it looked Clearly Fake…frak how Old was she ?.. clearly not 21… did he start behaving Like Kain, did all the Stress Finaley make him Lose his Rationality?
He sat down again and sighed while wondering if he commited a Crime or Not while Looking at the Display of his Still quietly Ringing Mobile and groaned and Answered the call.
“Yes ? Ainsworth here what is it ?”
" The Labyrinth requires your Presence NOW dont Keep us Waiting Be Swift for your Own Well being" said a Smug Female Voice and Hung up the Phone Buzzing again with a Message a set of coordinates nothing more.
Noa almost threw his Phone against the Wall and sighed as he Slowly got up and Cursed like a Sailor in a low Voice as not to wake up the Sleeping Beuty and started looking for his Cloth as he went to take a Shower.
After a Cold Shower since the Boiler seems to have been Brocken he Picked up the Womans cloth and Folded them when her Wallet fell out of her Jacket.
He Picked it up and Hesitated , he felt bad about it but checked the Womans Wallet and found a Libery Card and Student ID since he had a Feeling she maybe was Inded to young and her ID was truely Fake… better check to be safe he thought and braced himself.

Noa Gulped as he checked for her age She was 17… now i have Done it…Noa Thought i became scum… Screw me.

After a Quick Search Noa found out he was Safe bearly probably New Jersey´s Age of Consent was 16 it was Wrong but not Illigal Technically unless She or her Parents charge him for taking adventage of her while Intoxicated or worse ■■■■… great just Great … better call the Lawyer Kain introduced to him during the Fight for Custody over his Kids with his Wife to be safe and Prepared… Heck he should have known Better .
Noa Swore to himself never to go out to Drink again Alone … shit usually it was Kain he had to bail out or smooth things out for … for shit like this.
After steping outside and a Call to the Lawyer Paying for the Room doing the checking out and him leaveing the Sleeping Young Woman a Note and some Change and a Nummber to call he straitend his Suit put on his Sunglasses and hoped the Traffic would not be as bad as his Headache and this would be his Only major gaffe today… .
A few hours later Noa was sitting in a conference room in a nondiscript New York Office Building in a Industrial District with a takeout Bag from a Deli and some Tea at a Table cucking some Painkillers with his Tea and holding a Icebag against his Left temple close to the Eye wondering what the Heck was going on with Today and what was so Important to call him in at Three in the Morning he Yawned and Cursed his Luck .
Noa was Pondering how this day he was suppose to be Off Duty from Work was turning into a really bad Day… a Nightmare really to be Honest.
First The Thing with his Bar fling … really could be bad for his Record then some Wanker tried to mug him while going to a ATM and is know laying Half Dead in a Back Ally in Jersey getting some Blood on his Favorite Shoes and Pants , Then later some Schmuck tried to Rob the Deli he frequented and had giving him a Shiner when he tried to defuse the situation as soon as he was back in New York and Noa had to Break his Nose and Arms… and Legs and His Soul for good Mesure … because he was Extreamly anonoyed. He Had to Bribe a few Dirty Cops to let him go and skip Questioning at the Police Station, The Ass had Brocken Favorite pair of Shades he was wondering if someone had Cursed him … he just wanted to get Breakfast… and what did he get to top it off ? a Bloody Ticket for double parking to show for his Trouble and the Traumatized Clerk packing him the Wrong Bloody Sandwitches F my Day… F New York !
Traffic had been Hell on top of all this and he had taken double the time it did usually taken him to get back to New York and to the Adress then it usual would have, Who ever was waiting they where probably Pissed and Annoyed.
A while Later as he was Sipping his half Cold Tea
Soon after he thought it a Woman entered the Room with two Goons behind her making Noa focus on the hear and know, She was clearly a Q&A Interrogator and as She came in he noticed she had a Smug look on her Face that made Noa want to Punch her Hard.
Noa sighed and Shook the Thought and it already a bad Day he was already in trouble no reason to make it worse… for know or can his Day even get any worse? He took a Deep Breath and knew this was not good as soon as she opend her Mouth… .
"Greetings Mr Ainsworth we have to Talk about this " She threw a folder at Him hitting his Tea to Go container and Almost Spills the Tea all over Him and the Folder if he would have been a bit slower in catching it.
Noa Scowled at her and looked at the Folder and back at Her.
“awake know i take it ? " after a Pause and a Dirty look from Him she continued " Good you are in Deep shit Agent Ainsworth better Learn why you might get Terminated read it” she Purred with a crooked smile and Pointed at the Folder.
Noa opend the Folder and saw Pictures of his Ex Wife with some Guy in a Restaurant flirting and some clearly not ment for Public Photos in birthday Suit transcipts of E-mails and Saucy SmS conversations he frowned and looked at the Interrogator Lady Eyebrow Raised.
" You woke me up and mad me Drag my Ass out here on a Day off to tell me my Ex Wife is Having a Affair with someone , Really ? I woke up just for this ? "
The Woman Grinned and pointed out a Magnefied Photo of the Mans Hand showing a Ring with a Carved Seal that clearly looked Phoenician.
Noa sighed and Rolled his Eyes exhaled loudly and Facepalmed and Cursed his Luck again
while other Noa was having a Laughting fit inside his head Agrevating his Headace to new hights.
Having a Ancient Mage inside his Head usually was a good thing know all He wanted was to make him Shut up.
“ok… my Ex Wife who i happend to have goten a Job at a Company run subsidiary recently about a Month ago is beeing courted by a Purple son of a Bitch and Leaking Intel ? … are you F…ing ■■■■■■■ me !!!”

Part 2 Don´t Poke the Bear …
Noa was Pissed looked at the Pictures looked at the Guy and decided he would Kill him have Miss Akerman resurect him and Kill him a few more times he was Angry the Lights in the Room flickered and the Goons where getting twitchy fingers going for their Holsters… he had bloody Helped the cheating Bitch to get her Live back on track and this is what he gets for beeing nice to his Ex Wife… a stab in the Back Again !
at that moment a Light in the ceiling Poped and the Temperature Dropped by a few Degrees the Interrogator looked worried but stayed Calm but was Clearly less smug when she said " You will fix this Problem in the next 48 hours mr Ainsworth bevor we fix it for you and Terminate you and your Ex wife and… ."
Bevor she Could finish another Light Burst and Noa looked at her Oozing Killing Intent and said Calm but with Strained selfcontrol :
"if you Touch my Kids and Hurt them i will Murder you and your Entire Bloodline Wench ! I had a Bad day Try me do you want that ? Me Givinge you a taste of your Departments Own Medicine nonone Treatens my Kids with Harm and Violence not as long as i Live YOU HEAR NOONE !
Noa thought back how he was Recruited he had grown since then he would not stand for his Kids beeing used as a ■■■■ he would Protect them no matter the Cost… .
Noa´s shades cracked even more and Red light shone from them before the Lenses Shattered he looked at the Goones who had their Guns trained on him who got Slammed into the Wall and where clearly beeing held up and choaked by somerthing Unseen to the Woman and she Staired at Noa.
Noa took a Deep Breath and calmed down and let the Goones go who Lay on the Floor Gasping for Air Eyes Still Glowing Red .
the Red Light was slowly fading looking at the Female Interrogator straight in the Eyes, Noa saw Fear and smelled someone had probably had a Accident during this Episode of his … outburst .
Noa put his Elbows on the Table and folded his Fingers and crooked his head to the right side and said with a Weary Smile : " My Apologies for my Temper Tantrum , where are my Manner´s i had a Bad Day so far and you hit a very sore point one that turnes me Violent if you ever life long enought to have Kids you will understand that one Day Miss… oh i never got your Name did I ? " his Eyes still faintly glowing in the Gloom of the Room looking at the Inrerrogator sitting on the floor under a flickering Neon celling light looking at him.
The Female Interrogator looked at him Frozen in Fear and Noa noticed she Looked like she was maybe 20 at most under the facade of Acting tought and haughty she was Scared and had now Clearly wet herself he almost felt sorry for her he probably was one of her First Missions made him feel for her if she had not Threatend his Kids as he got up and picked her up from the Floor.
It took about two minutes for the Woman to compose herself and end the Briefing pretty fast she was a lot more Polite after that.
Noa got to his Car the Deadline got extended to 72 hours after a little nudge form him and as he Drove off he turned up his MP3 player and went to HQ to find someone who could give him some more intel on the Sucker he was going to put Six feet under and make disapear while Electing to buy the small Company that was a Subsidiary of Team Blue and Fire his Ex wife that and or Curse her Literally with never finding a Job ever Again or … Ending her.
This was Really a Bad Day… he sighed as he Listened to his Playlist and wondered if he should Enlist the Teams Help… but First he had to Call his Kids an Tell them he Loved them and Make Emergency arrangements … . Who Knows what the next 72 hours would bring… At Least his Kids would be Taken Care of… just in Case.

Part 3 Expensiv Snacks and Explosiv Tempers
Noa got to HQ after Stopping along the way to buy a Replacement pair of Shades with a frown on his face he went twords the Offices the Guards gave him a side Look but when Noa Looked at them they Quickly looked away seems thy Heard about his Temper outburst good… he thought to himself he was not in the mood for their Jabs and Puns at his Expense today.
As He went to Toni´s Desk Noa Tried to look less stressed and he Greeted Toni after some smalltalk he got to the Meat and Bone of his Questioning and began the work to Aquire the Company his EX Wife was working at after Toni made a few Phonecalls and Getting Miss Ackerman and Miss Darkmoon on board to help the Negotiations was Easy Sailing only took a few Hours to Aquire the Company Miss Ackerman Drove a Hard Bargin and Miss Darkmoons contacts came inhandy.
The Company that his Ex Wife was working at was Developing some new Medications and Medical Equipment and Probably some less Public Projects for Team Blue… Helix Pharma Medical Inc was Know in His Posession.
After Paying the pretty High but worth it Mediation fee to Miss Ackermann and Miss Darkmoon and giving Toni a years worth supply of Grape Soda and 4 Packs of Naylons and a Snackmachine and 12 Chartons of Tonis Favorit Treats for her Snackmachine what as Noa Herd her say while Jumping up and down with Joy she planed to put in her Office it Seems the day was Not so bad after all Seeing Toni Giving a Happy Dance well Toni is Toni Noa thought she maybe Odd at times but thatwas Money well spent… .
After Miss Darkmoon made a few Calls for the Information and Contacts he probably needed Noa Grinned he was now a Company President small but hey… seems he had to Thank his Cheating Ex Wife after all… his thanks would be not to Kill her … he thought to himself as he watched Toni continue her Happy Dance people not really reacting seems they where used to it already … .
She really must have wanted her own Snackmachine… and Miss Ackerman looked pretty Pleased with herself and Miss Darkmoon gave him a Heads up bevor beeing called over Intercom for something Noa Smiled and went to Recruite some Help to do the Legwork … some New Guys that owed him a Favour would do nicely to keep tabs on his Ex Wife … now he needed Specialists in Abduction/Hostage Rescue and Noa knew where to find them … .
Kain would not like this it will cost a lot… Noa thought as he left a Extatic Toni and a Pretty Happy Looking Miss Ackerman to go to the Labs… and Kains Office .
After Entering the Lab and having a Few Insults and Objects hurled around not technically at him as he came the Office part of Kains Laboretory among them a Life Granade Noa had to let Detonate in a Blood Barrier finally got Kains Attention and him to Calm Down seems somone had given hi the Wrong kind of Coffee with well…Explosiv consequences… for the Labassistant and for Kains Digestive System never give Kain Decaf specially not if he has a Bad day if you want to live … not that the Battered and half dead uncounciouse Labasistant cared much at the moment.
After some Strong Coffee and a few Dodged Granades cuppled with a short explenation that made Kain Laught at him and finally quit throwing objects a exorbitant Fee was Wired. Noa Had all he needed to get this over with and still had 60 Hours left to the Deadline… so far so Good.
Noa Had Made a Few Calls called in Favours and Set up all he could incase this went SouthAround 58 Hours to go All Should be Well and if Not… His Kids are Taken care of
Noa Sighs and thinks to Himself about the Old Saying What Would you do for Family he Never had a Answer to that but Know he Does …
For His Kids and their Future ? Whatever or Who Ever it Takes no Matter the Price.
Gabriela and Noa Junior are all that Matters and Gods have Mercy on all who try to Hurt them even if its Their Own Mother for Noa Will Not… .
She Betrayed Him Once Already but she Also gave him the Thing he Loves more then Anything …
Noa Looks at a Locket with a Picture of his Two Kids and Sighs Deeply and Mutters “ a Bad day …a Really Bad Day… .

But for His Kids he Would go through Hell and Back.

( Work in Progress still but i was Convinced to post it and sign up so uuuh Hello… ?)

I hope this Story is Entertaining and i appologise for my Spelling and i hope its Not to Grafic.

So yeah… Hello I am Juro (Noa "Melendir " Ainsworth ) hope the read was ok … and aaa Thanks for your time.