Low FPS Without Changing Settings

I played the demo a week or two ago and I was getting decent FPS. I know it is a little old, but have an AMD R9 290, so I had to lower some settings to get a (somewhat) constant 60 FPS. I think I put Shadows and View Distance to Medium. When I booted the game up today, I could barely get 30 FPS. If I put the graphics settings to lowest, I can get 60 FPS again, but I am not sure what is with the sudden change. The graphics preset keeps changing back to “Integrated Graphics” when I try to customise. I play in Windowed mode at 1920x1080. Was there an update or something?

It seems going to Fullscreen or Borderless Windowed mode grants a lot more performance, even if I increase the graphics options. Although I do not get the options of using my native resolution of 1920x1200.

We patched the game November 9th, which updated the demo build. Do you remember if the FPS changes seemed to kick in around then, or at a later date?

I think I first played the demo a few days after November 9th, so I would have only played on that patch level. I’m pretty sure I was in windowed mode previously. I am getting a lot better results in the other display modes now. Is there supposed to be such a large discrepancy between the modes? I have not experienced this large a difference before in other games.

As far as I know there shouldn’t be. I can check in with the dev team and see if they have any additional information/questions :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that Windowed mode isn’t ideal because you’re also rendering in the desktop.

I guess I will just stick to Full Screen or Borderless Windowed mode. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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