Low tier items in high tier benches

So, maybe it is just me that is bothered by this but why is it that you can’t build the low tier items on the high tier benches. I mean I fully understand the fact that you can’t build high tier items on the low tier benches but I should be able to low tier items on a high tier bench. Okay so if that didn’t make any since then this might help. If I have just a basic or improved bench I can understand the fact that I can’t make star metal in it, you know can’t get it hot enough or whatever. But if I have any garrison or campaign benches then why can I not build an iron or steel weapon. I mean it should be able to work backwards compatible in my mind. I just think it sucks that I have to have an improved bench on the side to continue to produce low tier items. I have not built the trade or precession carpenters bench yet, but it would suck if I can’t build blunt arrows on a tier 3 carpenters bench.(this last complaint might change when I build the bench i don’t know if that is true or not still have to build it but will update if i a proven wrong)


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