Problem with Garrison Blacksmith Bench

I made Garrison blacksmith bench placed a T3 blacksmith thrall in it. I can only make from Iron tools to starmetal tools. epic incarmitine weapons. Rest of the DLC weapons ( I do own all DLC’s) don’t show in Garrison Blacksmith bench. If I use regular blacksmith bench has all weapons to make. I have unlock all them in feats too. Talk to other players in Server 6437 where I am at and they don’t have same problem. neither can I make weapon handles. all benches upgraded to higher tear. I am lvl 60 too.

Check that you don’t have any filters on.

Know there’s definitely something wrong with that bench it’s the same way for me to been that way since the update.

Weap[on handles are made int eh carpenters bench now if i remeber correctlty, or tinkerers bench…

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