To weapon Handles or not to weapon handles

How does it make sense that a simple WEAPON HANDLE can be crafted in an OLD improved carpenters bench(now considered T2) but it can NOT be crafted at the all NEW, big and expensive carpenters bench(considered T3)???

Am I missing something or is it just a funcom thing to do strange things to a game whenever they bring out an update??

PLEASE think on this…

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Sigh… the more things change, the more things stay the same.
“We’re unifying the workbenches!” Proceeds to not unify them at all


Yeah… and off topic, but whats with the “power to the workbenches”??

So I guess wave good bye to the thrill of finaly finding a good thrall after a long search or a hard surge or 10…
I get what they are trying to do… first nerf thralls so that the exile is the “HERO”… but now ur telling me that a desk and pen can write a novel… no more need for a writer???

funcom is REEEALY defying logic…

its a great game that has cost me 800+ hours… but Im starting to lose interest…

… . . . . SAD . . . . . …


That’s actually a really good point. xD

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Not only weapon handles, insulated wood is not in the “new” bench, neither is iron reinforcement in the “new” Blacksmith bench. Im afraid to destroy my old benches, is this an oversight, a bug, or just FC having a good laugh at our expense?

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I’m hoping just an oversight. Please note these absences as a bug and fix them, devs! :heart:

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I may be getting mixed up (been offline for a week, so a bit out of touch with where things have got to) - but I think these issues were reported as a bug during testlive (and I think I remember seeing the bug acknowledged - implying a hotfix to come should cover that - but I may be getting mixed up with other issues…)

As near as I can tell, none of the bugs reported from testlive have been fixed yet. The two hotfixes they’ve deployed so far were for game breaking issues that were preventing people from playing. They have referenced that there is a current build that they’re working on that contains a variety of fixes but no word on when that’s dropping to testlive or live.

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Yeah, that’s the impression I’m starting to get reading the forums while I download updates. My hope was that (seeing as they weren’t fixed before going live) that meant they were at least getting a head start on the hotfixes. But game-breaking issues clearly should take priority, so I guess the ‘lesser’ bugs get knocked down the list - which is fair enough, but doesn’t make it any less frustrating that they seem not to have been addressed when they were the ‘only’ bugs…

(I guess all we can do is tell the devs ‘told ya so’ :wink: )

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Puede ser que si