Lowbie-Friendly Building Contest - Win a Demon Spider Pet!

Brand new server SWORDS & SANDALS will host a noob-friendly building contest.

Contest starts Sunday, 14 July @ 10pm and ends Friday, 19 July @ 11pm PST.

Weekend-only, evening raid times, means your base is totally safe from PvP during the contest.


All participants will receive 100 T3 foundations in the style of their choice.

Prize Pool for the TOP THREE contestants:

Demon Spider Pet!!! (normally unattainable - be the only one on the server with it!)
Scorpion Queen Pet
Relic Hunter Captain Thrall or Bandit Leader Thrall (no longer attainable)

First place get’s first pick, second place gets second pick, etc:


It’s summer - time to get outside and hug a tree! Build either a treehouse or non-treehouse base but using a tree as a central feature.


In the Oasis (noob river) or the central desert to the north - east of the Unnamed City, west of the jungle and south of the central highlands.


T1 sandstone only.


Big or small, size is not a factor.


All players and levels are eligible except for the server admin and his one clan mate.

Please ensure to post your location on the server PS4 Community Wall (Swords & Sandals).


Server admin will judge based on aesthetics (favoring period/lore appropriate designs), purge and pvp defence, layout & functionality and interior decoration.


Swords & Sandals (PvP, weekend evening raids only, no avatars, Barbaric difficulty PvE)

As of this post, all players on the server are still below level 20.

Admin PSN: FiresOfOrk