Lv3 Thrall Smelter NOT reducing costs

Game mode: Private Server - Main Branch - No Mods
Problem: Bug
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Using the standard furnace, smelting stone into bricks, with no smelter it costs 10 stone to 1 brick. With a Lv3 smelter, the process does speed up but the costs are the same.

I’m pretty sure smelters, tanners and cooks are not supposed to reduce material costs, just speed up crafting and save on fuel.

Thats right, they just speed up the time that is needet -
Craft Time and Burn Time
I |33% |25%|
II |33% |25%|
III |50% |50%|
IV |50% |50%|

Is this a recent change then? Im sure that during testlive the Lv3 smelter reduced the costs to 7 stone for 1 brick.

The Wiki says:

Depending on their levels, artisan thralls will allow for faster crafting and lowered resource costs when placed at a workstation.

  • Level I will speed up crafting by approx 10%.

  • Level II also reduces crafting cost by 25% (cost rounded down to lowest whole number).

  • Level III is slightly faster than a level II. Some will give additional recipes for their race when placed at a crafting station.

  • Named Thralls reduce crafting costs by 50% and increase crafting speed by approximately 50%. Will give additional recipes when placed at a crafting station.

For example:

A Carpenter II placed at a carpenter’s bench allows you to craft Shaped Wood for 7 Wood instead of 10.
A Blacksmith II placed at a blacksmith’s bench allows you to craft Iron reinforcement for 1 iron Bar

I appreciate that this doesn’t mention the smelter at all, but I’m fairly sure it did reduce cost before.

I only played testlive for about two weeks before release but I’m quite certain that none of my smelters, tanners or cooks reduced material costs. I was using a T3 smelter as well as Yael of Shem.

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I could be wrong then. Thanks.

No problem. Have fun. :slight_smile:

I somehow always end up with a named smelter, and i know, they haven’t reduced crafting costs since the combat testlive started. You used to get double tar out of a level 3+ tanner, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

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This. I took a break from gaming for several months and came back a couple of months ago and thought that maybe I was somehow not remembering correctly even though collecting named thralls was (still is) one of my favorite things to do for 1,200+ hours during my original stretch (now 2,100+).

I’ll admit that my memory of EA can bit a bit foggy at the best of times considering a lot of hours doing mostly the same things during a time when things would get changed then reverted and changed again and so on. But, I “feel” fairly certain about T4 Tanners and Smelters (I also seem to recall something about Alchemists) decreasing material costs. Considering I keep my server setting at lightning fast crafting, I was more focused on material costs and rate of return. I really don’t know about cooks as I never paid much attention to cooking in the past.

It only makes sense that the best the thralldom workforce has to offer would give the best of all benefits (not that every game mechanic always makes sense).

  • T3+ alchemist reduces costs of steelfire still and other potions as well as allows you to make demon orbs, special T4 makes black and white dyes
  • T2+ blacksmith reduces ingot costs to just 1 iron or steel bar, T4 makes flawless weapons and a special T4 can make legendary repair kits
  • T3+ carpenter reduces cost of wood and branches
  • T3+ armorer gives their races special armor, T4 makes flawless armor
  • T4 tanners only speed things along now
  • T4 smelter only speeds things along
  • T4 taskmaster can make chain bindings

This is what I’ve noticed since launch. If I am mistaken on any of these accounts please let me know, as I would like to be up to date.


Hey, my thanks for the most excellent summary!