T4 Smelter Thrall does not reduce cost

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [EU]

Spent a lot of time hunting for a T4 Smelter, after I got 1. It doesn’t do what was written in the guides or what is similar to other thralls.
It uses the same resources as no thrall.
To get 1 steel bar, you still have to put 5 iron bars and such

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Put a tier 4 smelter thrall in a furnace
  2. It consumes same resources as no thrall

Smelter thralls work a bit differently, in fact they’re closer to Taskmasters in how they currently operate. None of them reduce the material to craft, using your example above they still require 5 iron bars and a steelfire to make a bar of steel.

Instead the way a smelter works is he will increase how long the fuel burns for and make the furnace craft faster, in the tier 4’s case by about 50% or so on both. Which increases the furnace’s efficiency for mass batches.


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Oh wow…There’s really no difference between a T3 and T4 smelter?

Nope, and there never has been. I was quite disappointed during EA when I got my first named thrall, which happened to be a smelter :sweat_smile:.

(Edit: this is in reference to the thread, not reducing material costs)

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Thats not correct. A T4 smelter is faster than a T3 one. Both seam to have the same burn time for fuel but the T4 one operates about 40% faster. I have tested T3 vs T4 with both 400 iron ore. While the T4 smelter had finished its 200 iron, the T3 had only 145 done so far.


I can confirm that T4 is faster than T3, unsure on how much faster but Ryu’s guesstimate is close to what I experience.


same goes with t4 tanners and it has always been the case since EA, as enyo has rightly mentioned.
It’s also good to note what ryu said: there is indeed a noticeable avantage in terms of crafting speed.
just didn’t thought it was that much, i was more thinking of sthing around 25 % quicker than a t3.

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And here I was hoping I could replace my 10 Fingal Firetenders with topless smelter chicks III of various colors, shapes and sizes.

Thank you for reply. I also use that site guide.
Please have a look at this: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Furnace

It states that thralls can reduce the cost.

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That was new to me. Many thanks for that hint!

This is exactly what i did BTW :smile:. i only replace my gorgeous topless t3 when i know i’ll have a huge smelting need in a given area/ base. i’m especially looking at you hardened bricks…

ah, almost forgotten…if you were lucky enough to find some topless “yael of shem” at the den, then problem solved :smile: .
She is just the prettiest smelter in the game imo, just sad she doesn’t wear the same tasset as the nordheimers/ cimmerians.


There’s something incredibly hot about sweaty topless smithy chicks…

Beri, my all time favorite Thrall.

Alas the most attractive thrall I have is actually a Hyborian Archer. Wish I could name her “Jasmin”

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yeah indeed, beri is my favourite blacksmith, but not my favourite thrall.I prefer the fine features of ionna and yael as well as their haircut.
It’s a long time i didn’t catch them again so their models might have changed though…don’t know. But beri is definitely one i’m always grabbing when i have the luck to find her :wink:
The old “vais” from the volcano was also really gorgeous once she got cured from her eyes sickness and before she was changed to the vais we have now in the game.

oh yeah, the last one you added is a jewel !!!

Hyborian thralls from the vocano are really cute indeed.

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Not just cute, but the strongest too.
Proper Alpha breeding going on up there at Skelos :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, some were born under a blessed star…

You need to get an Idra Sparkeyes from the galleon or Yael of Shem from the den.

I swap out a fingal evrytime I find one.

Edit- never mind, others are on the case.

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