Made a short fan video


Slice ‘n’ dice. Hype-o-Matic! :bingo:

How do you make a video and post it?
Like you did?

I went on singleplayer and used Nvidia (Alt-Z) to save the in-game footage. If you have a Nvidia card, change the “hide GUI” keybind to something else (it’s also Alt-Z by default). If you then hide the GUI and press V, turn around, you can get some nice angles. Then I used DaVinci Resolve (free) to edit the video with added audio track for the music and rain (for consistency). Then just upload to youtube.

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Alt z in game?
Thank You for the Help.:smiley:

Yeah, if you have Nvidia. If not, I’m not sure :slight_smile:


What Barnes said, but with a pinch of Chop-o-rama.

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Badass video Reidar. Perhaps link some mods in video description if you used any :slight_smile:

No mods used :slight_smile:

Alt Z hides all icons.
But how do you take the video?
Thanks All

My guess is that you have a Radeon graphics card. You can find more info here:

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NO its a Nvidia Geoforce 970!
All Alt Z does is hide all the Icons and I have a Clean Screen.

Install GeForce Experience:

And make sure to change “hide GUI” keybinding to something else than Alt-Z afterwards. Then use Alt-Z in-game to record video.

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Ok that my problem my ALT Z hides the GUI or (gooey)
Were are the keybinding?
I looked in game but didn’t see it.
I do believe I have that already because I get messages that there new drivers available.
Thank You for your time and help.

Ok found them in settings Game Overlay. :smiley:
Thanks Again Wiil let You Know If It Works.

Are you kidding me it worked I can’t believe it.
If I can edit out the mistakes of showing my desk top.
Records every thing.
ReidarXx Thanks for help and a Good laugh at the dumb thing.
If I post it on YouTube and have the stones to do it I will let you know and you can rip on me about it.
Again Many Thanks

Hello Xx,
If I upload my video as is ,not using the program D.R.
Can I delete it on YouTube later or is it permanent like when you send an E-mail.
And hit Public to go live?
Thank You

Yeah you can delete it, you can also put several videos together on youtube. You can also choose to make it public or just for your self.

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Again Many thanks Xx.

Hey Xx,
Do I need this to use DaVinci Resolve?

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel | Portable Low Profile Control Panel
Thank You