Has anyone got Anti Aliasing to work on nVidia cards with the GOG version of the game?


Forcing AA through the nVidia control panel causes weird issues with layering in the game so that
April ALWAYS appears on the top-most layer so they can never go behind anything as well as a few other layering issues with other objects.

Forcing AA through Catalyst with an AMD card seems to work exactly as expected, but I don’t have an AMD card.

Using dgVoodoo works (and looks f’n beautiful), but enabling AA causes mouse trails all over the screen.

Most of the game looks real nice enough on a modern monitor, but April is so jaggy that I feel like I’m going to get a papercut on my eyeballs just playing the game.


Nvidia card will not work correctly as you already know and there is no known hack. I don’t have an ATI card either but I use dgVoodoo without AA and it looks amazing with extremely few small mouse trials no where near the trails you get when using AA.

The trick is you have to set the resolution in dgVoodoo to EXACTLY 1280x960 since this is 1:1 pixel identical to 640x480 of the original games resolution (4 pixels make up 1 square pixel perfectly). The magic comes in when dgVoodoo renders the 3D at 4 times the resolution (1280x960) so what happens is the background is pixel perfect to the original game and the 3D models are rendered at 4x the resolution so you don’t REALLY need AA. I’ve tried with and without AA at 1280x960 and the difference is TINY.

Highly recommended to run it in Windowed mode or center-screen soyour monitor’s scaling will not affect the image. Let me know if you want screenshots of my dgvoodoo settings…:smiley: