Make 12 man raids

A friend of mine made a great suggestion that I feel should be posted here for the developers eyes to see. The title says it all.

The population is not large enough to support many in-house active raid guilds who could do endgame content. Only a handful of guilds in Crom have access to engame pve content and in Fury, guilds in general are a lot smaller forcing them to pug out their raids.

Downsizing the existing raids to 12-mans and increasing its difficulty in the process is a great way to make endgame pve content more accessible to the entire community.

If this is implemented they should also lock the tiers until you’ve completed the prior tier. It really captures the feeling of progression when you have to complete prior tiers in order to unlock higher ones.

Let your thoughts and complaints be known. Let the developers know.

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It has been suggested before on the old forums ,coils was at first announced or intended to be a 12 man run if i remember correctly …It’s a great suggestion .Not playing actively at the moment but easier,more flexible to organise raids would be interesting .

Maybe make the new ones 12man. Less work than changing all old raids and adjusting/balancing them for 12.


I agree with Frenjoerd. Too many of the existing raids are balanced around 24 player, in particular having to have large amount of tanks. This isn’t wow where you only need 1-2 tanks, but many fights require 6+, especially on the higher tiers. If making 12 man raids, it would be easier to do so from a new raid without having to deal with previous balancing concerns.

12 man main system, onyx atzels fort. There are plenty of existing assets to be used for these to work.