Make AI city raids faster!

As we all know AO is on life support. As we all know, FC doesn’t listen to good ideas. And, as we all know, there isn’t a game suggestion forum like there was on the old AO forums. So, let me get right to the point.

AI ground raids AND ship raids are way too long. The ground takes 30 minutes to do and more than half of that TIME is waiting from the time you drop cloak until you kill the general. That is just a ridiculous amount of time doing nothing but waiting and continuously going AFK and checking if the next wave has started.

The BOSS ROOM of the ship also is insanely slow. It is similar to the ground, wait for each wave to spawn, kill, and then wait some more. The one saving grace of a ship raid is the unlikely chance you get a cocoon room and you are in and out in under 10 minutes.

So, a full hour for ground and ship and a majority of it is just waiting for mobs to spawn. That is bad.

Some thoughts you may be having:

“But the cloak takes an hour to put back up, at least I am doing something while I wait.”

Why should you be doing any sort of waiting to begin with? If FC created the cloak timer, than they certainly can change it coupled with how faster AI city raids can go.

“City raids/ship raids were designed so if you weren’t prepared you could get overrun.”

Let us define prepared: outside buffs, damage, healing, a tank, decently geared. The ORIGINAL design behind that is well and good. But that was when AO had a larger population and people were gimps. Even if that was a factor, reduce the time from when the hacker is killed to when the next hacker spawns, the same goes for the bosses on the ship. AI raids are not a trivial thing anymore. Professions have been buffed and have changed since AI release, items have changed significantly since AI release. AI city raids need to be changed as well.

So to summarize, speed up the process in which aliens spawn on ground raids, speed up the process in which bosses spawn in the boss room on the ship. So, 30 minutes tops for ground and ship combined.

You can take it a step further and get rid of the 4 player requirement to get a ship invite. As of late, I cant even find 3 people to do a city raid with at my convenience. I have to wait days to get lucky. But what do I know about anything FC, I just play the game and have blinders on to all the problems. Here, have my dollarydoos and tell me to enjoy.