Make Conan's Royal Armor & Atlantean Sword Available As DLC



Im honestly not sure Mikey, but to the best of my knowledge it was not stated that these bonuses would be made available at a later date for either game at the time of their release, if that is indeed what you are asking…? For MKX Goro was only announced for general sale in conjuction with the GotY edition. There was no announcement at all for REmake 2, which was kinda frustrating considering I technically brought it twice beforehand to secure all preorder bonuses :roll_eyes: (I know, I know its crazy, but its my favourite franchise of all time, and I also collect it). Thats a longer story which I will go over in a different post if requested. As far as I know, the pre-order items for each are still available even now on the PS store.


The thing is that the sword and armor are really not all that great compared to the other weapons/armor. There are no flawless versions and are not really that powerful so I do not see why it should not eventually be made available as a DLC to those that want to buy them.

Why not even make each one its own DLC that way, those that already have the armor can buy the sword and vice versa if they want them.


Can we closed this topic?

The development team will not release preorder bonus. It would insult people who bought the game for full price. It also would lose funcom future money. A broken promise looks bad on companies.


Exactly. Well said Valkyrja. Both the sword and armour are respectably powerful when you first start out. However, as we ascend to higher levels they become redundant. The point I am trying to make is that they could potentially be of great benefit to new players who just starting out and struggling to get established, especially on PvP. I say it all the time, that we need to entice new players in and make them want to continue playing.


Even with the Royal Armor at lower levels, I found it a pain to try to keep leather and iron on hand to repair the armor. I actually prefer running around in the Light Exile Armor since it only requires hide to repair which is easy to get when you are on the run. Granted you do not get the Armor Bonus provided by the Royal Armor and it is fun to run around in for a while, but I rarely even use it now.


Yeah I do know what you mean. I first started using the Royal Armour around the same time I made my first normal medium set. Mainly because the royal set was much lighter in the carry weight department.

Although do I already have a new role ready for the Royal Armour just waiting to happen. If we do end up getting Armour Display Racks/Mannequins, it will be the first set I put on display. :sunglasses:


The sword was not for pre-orders, it was for those who bought the physical “day one edition”, which - for the record - is still for sale. While I don’t know about distribution to the US, it must be possible. Considering how often I’ve been forced to go through hoops to order something only available in the US and have it shipped halfway around the world (literally), like most things it’s a matter of “how badly do you want it”. Anyway, I digress, just wanted to clear that up.

I’d say that’s an argument for letting it stay as it is: there’s no statistical advantage to having it, it’s a vanity item only, one that is even below-par at max level. Interesting how the same fact (no flawless) can be interpreted in two diametrically opposed directions :smiley:


Basically, you are pre-ordering for Day One. I also tried to order from half-way around the world and was shot down as they would not ship.

It is ridiculous to say HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT, when it should have been available as worldwide distribution. I stand by the fact that it put those of us in the US at a huge disadvantage.

I had even contacted Funcom that stated, there would not be any US distribution of the physical copy.


I hear you guys and these specific items are not only super cool but they are also a bit elusive to get, aren’t they? :slight_smile:

So here is somewhat good news (I hope):
We will have a Call to Arms TestLive Weekend as soon as we have patched the current TestLive Patch out and have the new patch for TestLive ready. Everyone who helps us test and reaches the requirements will have the chance to win one of 500 redeemable codes for the Atlantean Sword.

There will be a separate thread with all info in the News and Announcement section as soon as we are ready with the new TestLive Patch.


Well if that was your experience then that was (of course) your experience, though I just tried and found several vendors willing to ship physical day one copies to my post box in the US (which I use for getting things that won’t ship outside the US, if I want them bad enough). Where there’s a will, there’s a way - I know for a fact such services exist in reverse also.

I completely agree that a digital item’s availability depending on buying a physical edition of the game is a bit silly, and that physical item only being easily available in certain markets adds insult to injury. I would also say that while I stand by my “how badly do you want it” assessment, the fact that the day-one editions were never available in the US (and probably many other places!) could well serve as enough of a reason to offer at least the Sword as a DLC at a later date.

They sure are! How about a flawless epic version of the sword and (most importantly) armor while you’re at it, eh?

Side note on the whole US thing

Disadvantage? Sure. In terms of getting a vanity item, anyway. Getting left out is nothing new to those outside the US - we’re used to all kinds of things not being available, or having to go through a lot of extra and annoying, sometimes expensive steps to get what is otherwise a one-click process if you happen to be living in the good ol’ US of A. But this was not nor should it ever be a “US vs the rest of the world” kinda question IMO.


This. Please.

The armor looks awesome but is sadly useless.
I know Diana Steelshaper is sitting around in many peoples chests with nothing to do…


We can certainly take this back to the team. However, even if it would be implemented, it wouldn’t be something that happens tomorrow :slight_smile:


Thanks Tascha. Yeah I recognize that it’s hardly game-breaking and not a priority. So I’ll settle for it being brought up with the team!

The problem of course being that unlike most other weapons/armors, both sword and royal armor are hand-crafted. I suppose it could be kept as a hand-crafted item (no changes from today), and “just” add a new recipe in the workbench that use the current (hand-crafted) version as an “input item”.


Which means yet another PC only bonus. Yay.


I arrived late, I wanted this Armor very much, I bought all DLCs, but I feel like I’m incomplete :frowning: … Make it happen! :slight_smile:


This isnt quite how I would have phrased it, but I agree with the point. Tascha while I appreciate the gesture of goodwill, and trying to meet us half way, its just not the best way to do it. As Hotaru99 said in not so many words, this is only of benefit to PC players. What about ps4 and xbox1 players? Basically, this a contest which only one third of the player base (yes…a gross approximation) is eligible to enter.


Sure you did, I’m in the the US and bought a physical copy off of , and there were plenty of threads of the forum explaining on how to do just that.


Maybe I should server hop and make conan Swords. Of course it would require leveling up to make the good ones. But there could be people willing to do just that. Clans could gather the material. Trade finished Swords to others.


I’m sure I’m not the only player who would be willing to trade with you just to be able to have one hanging on the wall in my armory…


And the low level 1 looks just like the other. At level 10. Iron and branches