Make Decorations and Furniture Count as something separate from regular placeables

I paid money for DLCs and battle passes, i should be able to decorate my base and not be punished. Yea i have 1000 placeables but if 350 of them are just furniture, pots and wall decorations then i shouldn’t be getting admin wiped

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To this, i happen to agree!
Tbh i thought that you were asking e motes for the place ables before i enter your post.
Just before i proceed, why should i buy a bathtub if my toon cannot have a bath in it?
Back to your topic now.
Yes, people that buy things to build and demonstrate to others need a clarification of how to use things without having fear to be banned!
I don’t believe in numbers, i don’t like building pieces number, i like what @Tephra suggested long ago, a tool that can count the fps of each way i decide to use a placeable, so if something is going red, i don’t place it this way because i don’t want to get banned :man_shrugging:.
Yes, believe it or not, even how you place things can create issues to the server performance! Things are more complicated as they seem!

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Doesn’t matter if they’re vanilla decorations or paid items, the rules for overbuilding needs to be the same. Otherwise you could “pay-to-win” by building with paid pieces rather than vanilla.

Also, I’ve built entire cities, filled with decorations and thralls and stuff, and never been admin wiped. You know why? Because I play on Single-Player. The problem with multiplayer is the need to take other players into consideration. You want to build selfishly like I do, it’s best to take it where it doesn’t bother the enjoyment of others.


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