Make it Possible to Mod Siptah

I strongly support the idea to make it possible to mod Siptah as a big majority of Conan players support AoC and im sure there is alot of players that would love the idea to have mods like AoC on Siptah. So here i want to make this public and get everyone’s support on this topic.

Not Conan lore at all. That will never happen.

And Espen gets to decide what to do with his mods.

You can already use AoC on Siptah, you just need to set up some stuff as the admin.

Will it not be possible to mod the Siptah map once it fully releases? Is that not a plan?

Considering it is a DLC map and no other DLC assets are moddable, probably not.

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Oh, right…I keep forgetting the map itself is DLC. Bummer.

It’s aimed at not allowing people to get undermesh, too. So they want to block modding the map.

Besides, you can now make your own maps entirely.

Still want a Barsoomian full conversion.

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