Make me able to turn thralls

My thralls get out of position a lot when people “visit” my base and i hate that they return to their spot and then stare at the wall instead of outside.
I would not want to pick them up and then turn them because my Thralls are standing pretty close to each other.


Or even better, have Thralls’ “home” be an actual transform, ie position AND rotation, and have them return to both, not just the position.

You can move your thralls after you place them. Just pick them up and put them back down.

Yeah that doesnt work for me, and even if it worked it would be to much work with the amount that i have.

The reason it doesnt work is that i placed my thralls as close as possible next to each other. So the chance that if i pick on up that i could place that one down on the same spot is low.

That would also be a good alternative. I prefer my thralls guarding the gate and not turning their backs.

its a good idea @Mikey, there should be a way to store placement and orientation info, since that info is passed to the game when the player places a thrall down. (in theory at least)

It’s already “stored” when you place them (the facing is respected), the Thralls just don’t return to the stored rotation, they just walk to the location. It should be a pretty simple thing to have thralls (when about to go idle because they’re at the right position) also rotate to the stored rotation.

It may sound like a tiny thing (and of course it is) but it seems such a silly thing NOT to have. Door guards standing with their back facing out, staring at the wall they’re supposedly guarding, looks so desperately dumb, and totally breaks the immersion. I’ve largely given up trying to place thralls in any sort of aesthetically pleasing manner, just randomly dropping them in open spaces.

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