Make Pet companions shut up!

The sound effects from animal companions are driving me mad

I am fairly new to this game, so i can’t list all animals pets where this an issue. But I can definitely confirm this being the case for the Elephant and most definitely the Boar.

The sound and frequency these two makes when they are following you is sanity ending. The elephant is making it’s horrible snuffling sound every 2 seconds when it is moving. And its running around at a speed which would make you think it was on cocaine, making it earth shaking walking sound insufferable.

Please, I know creating new sounds will be to expensive, but increasing the interval between the animals making their sounds effects should be an fairly easy fix.

I would love to have a giant cool animal, even spending extra money to make them look even cooler. But i just can’t get myself to do at the moment because of rapid sound effects of them.

Am i the only one who finds them extremely distracting and immersion breaking ?


Welcome to the Forum. Some animal noises are definitely disturbing. It would be nice to shut them up. @Bjarked

The big snakes are noisy when they appear can hear them a mile away but they sound like they’re just behind you.

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I just want to point out that making a zoo does have certain side effects.
Consider Thralls instead of Pets.

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At least we can’t sense the smell just yet. Waiting for some sort of augmented reality tech to make that happen.

It’s also weird that horses and other animals placed in the world don’t produce dung. If you’ve ever visited stables in real world, you know there’s work to be done every day.

To be completely fair, Horses INSIDE stables do produce dung if fed.

But yeah, I think it would make sense if they produce some after deployed, either in their inventory or dropping it on the ground directly like in Ark.

I am not talking about placed animals, i am only speaking of following pets. Placed animals do not make that much noise.

And i am mainly using Thralls because of how infringing the sound of the following pets are (also because animals are very weak compared to Thralls).

Why should Pet followers be a horrible experience to have as followers ?

Maybe there’s a deeper lesson in there. Having a pet is a lot of trouble, they’re often annoying, they need care and attention - so if you really want a pet, be prepared to deal with all the negative sides too, not just petting and playing with them.

Things I learned over 30 years ago: If a tortoise poops on a wool rug, you have only a few seconds to save the rug or it’ll be permanently marked by the experience.

Ah, I see.

Well, do consider that some animals are indeed noisy in real life: I mean, you talked about elephants.
Can you imagine an Elephant fighting mute ?

There are some instead that are less noisy. Did you tried Sabretooths ?
Greater Sabretooths are good fighters with huge damage output.

Just raised a shaggai warrior, green (lucky!) and found with satisfaction that he is silent as a sleeping baby. The annoying noise has been removed. :+1: :sunglasses:

Have you tried using the Elephant or Boar ?

When i say they make their annoying sound every 2 seconds when they are moving, i am not being hyperbolic I timed it. It is a infuriating 2 second loop, while the footstep interval is even worse for the Elephant.

I am not saying it should be mute, but neither should it drive the player insane.

The animals are possible to use as followers and they sell skins for them. Asking Funcom to make it a pleasant sound experience i would say is a fair feedback.

I know that i can just try and find another animal which does not sound as horrible and just go with a thrall.

But this is a feedback thread not a player helping player thread.

I am just saying that it is a shame some animals are a unfun experience to use, and if funcom wishes to have more players invest in their animal skins changing the interval of the sound effect when animal companions are moving is a needed fix.

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