Make Purge work as it is according game lore

According to lore the Purge is about to take away treasures players hoarded inside.
But what Purge does is spawning several waves of mobs, aiming coordinates of first foundation layed on ground.

Make Purge aim coordinates of luxurious stashes and it’s strength proportional to amount of building blocks used. Thus you will eradicate insane land claims on PVE servers.

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This is something I want to see but from the point of view of someone who wants better purges at his door. Right now, if you want fun purges, you have to build in the north or they are just pushovers.

Purges should respond more to what you have built and what you have than where you are: Big base? The purge is stronger. Legendary weapons? The purge is stronger. Named Thralls? Quest items? You get the picture.

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