Make ranged combat harder

  1. When a ranged weapon is equipped, hide the reticule (the dot on the screen that shows you where you’re aiming). [precision aiming is gone]

  2. Decrease the mouse sensitivity when aiming so that adjustments are slow. [leading targets only viable at long to medium range]

  3. Implement a permanent 3 degree arc of spread to all projectiles. [built in inaccuracy, gets worst the farther away the target is]

  4. heavy arrows [already implemented]

  5. high stamina drain when aiming [already implemented]

  6. if an npc has targeted you and you have a ranged weapon equipped, have them side step at random intervals [harder to hit as they close the distance]

  7. if an npc has a shield, have them use it block arrows randomly [some of the hits won’t count]

  8. locational damage [headshots do more damage eg x3]

  9. projectiles do x1.5 damage as a melee weapon from that tier [with how hard it is now to hit a target every hit must be worth the effort, if the damage is nerfed the player has no chance as by now the target is in his face]

This wouldn’t do much except for those who want the challenge. There is many software and hardware (my monitor for example), that provide a crosshair with a button press.

Again this does nothing for those of us with hardware to counter this. Even $30 mice have this feature.

They already do this. At least humanoids do. Animals aren’t smart enough.

Again they do this already.

There is a headshot perk and its +50% Damage, which is more than enough for the burst damage we have.

If I were to say there was any issues with ranged combat right now, it is that NPCs lack an AI or ability to deal with players who are not closing into melee. Melees should occasionally throw a weapon (axe, knife, javelin, etc). Animals should be more likely to charge (like Rhinos, Boars, Bears, and such, but add charge to most). Exotic animals/monsters should have more ranged attacks (poison spits, rock throws, maybe magic).


I see your point about computer hardware undoing some of the measures i suggested. i agree it would seem the best course of action would be to beef up the AI in the ways you’re suggesting; melee npcs closing the distance faster via charging/ sprinting, and/ or using ranged attacks of their own. Seems fair to me. these changes should also make mounted archery more interesting. GOOD POINTS!!

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Is making poison weapons combat or water combat harder also coming soon after this ?

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