Make Some Changes to Journey Chapters

The biggest issue with journey chapters is that your chapters are locked behind completion of the previous chapter. The reason this is a problem is

  1. You are stuck waiting for events to occur (such as the purge, and surviving the sandstorm). This means you cannot progress until the random event takes place.
  2. You often complete parts of a higher chapter by accident way before you actually get to that chapter. This means you miss out on the cool dialogue and a bit of the story.

My suggestion is to do away with the hidden chapters and let us read the text for all chapters. We still have the suggested journey order and what to complete, but we get a little more freedom with how we go about doing it.

Edit: Or at the very least allow us to see the text for whatever is suggested for the next chapter when we are finishing up the previous one.


Also! I noticed that the “discover all the Giant-king obelisks” description says to find all the giant-king lorestones which is significantly different and misleading

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I can fully support this suggestion. I want to read all those journey stages but most I can’t, I know Joel put a lot of effort into this stuff like the item descriptions and I want to read them!

EDIT - I just made a new single-player game in an attempt to just go straight through and see what it takes to do them in order chapter by chapter, I had to make the most asinine roundabout actions in just crossing the desert and I still ended up doing a bunch of later entries right-off-the-bat.

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