Make Zamorian Thief Set quiet your jumps!

Since its a stealth suit, it should silence your jumps when wearing it. Its kinda silly a thief making “uhhh, ohhhh” sounds when jumping.

Only jumps, but not attacks.


Yes please. As a thief and saboteur I put so much effort into trying to stay quiet. And of course my character will yell “OOOF” and stomp the ground with his feet at the most critical moments…


Haha exactly, theres no way to sneak around bases when you gotta climb, jumps and falls always alert players. Its acceptable for most cases but for thieves it makes no sense at all.

I like the idea of tying it to a specific armor, but maybe not the Zamorian armor. I’d like to see some kind of armor (like the climbing boots) that are specific to this purpose, and aren’t viable in PvP otherwise. Something like ‘Footpads’ boots.

Sounds awesome!

Maybe more unique armor pieces whose recipes are hidden away in general.

Like some gloves adding up their defense value as fistfighting damage. (Mainly for fun though.)
Or some chest piece with backback rising encumbrance by a procentual or static amount. (Or that headpiece which bearers are wearing right now.)
But if there was no jumping noise on shoes, there would be trousers “needed” which lets you walk without noise as well.

And of course, as those stat-armors only have one temperature, those should get counterparts. Like having two sets of light strenght armor, but the second one not helping with heat, but instead with cold.

Then again, too much armor with different effects might be bad!
So if the current perksystem would become more refined, allowing 2 choices on each perk, most of those ideas might be put there.
i.e. for sneaky people, there might be a sneaky version of agility perk tree to unlock.
(You know, choosing one of two different versions of trees and then being locked to that and a general tree for 20th+ perks.)

Is a good idea they should also make it muffle footsteps, not get rid of them totally but make them 50% less noisy and make it so that every part of the armor can be dyed black to blend better with what little shadows are in the game.

Some parts of the Armor stay tan when dying, it would be nice to be able to have it a solid black set.

Can’t agree more, 50% it would be a huge help, and yes, we should dye every part on the armor, dont know why they let that way.