Making the manequins available to new players

Purchasing the Age of Sorcery Chapter 2 Battlepass was NOT required to obtain the mannequins. It was a free for everyone unlock. I have zero issues with Funcom recycling the free unlocks from an older battlepass.


I’d be more than happy to have the opportunity to complete any battlepasses I’ve missed, both by doing the challenges and purchasing it. That’d be a fair deal for everyone, I think.

If the Battle Passes could be purchased at any time, rather than just during a set period of time, the profits might be bigger in the long run, but wouldn’t create the quarterly spikes in revenue that are so much loved by shareholders everywhere. It’s not how profitable the company is, it’s how much money they can leech out of the company for themselves.

I love this idea but the only issue I see is that oftentimes armor is not designed to be standalone. The inside of armor in games is not designed to be seen and as such no attention is usually given to it.

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Then perhaps a dead enemy on a stick as the default game mannequin?

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God no! I place them inside! Can you imagine the smell, @LostBrythunian ? :smile:
Something like the training dummy, perhaps? Crude, made with fiber and sticks…


Funcom would make more money if everything is available all at once.
Add the ability to gift stuf from the bazaar to players. I would buy some stuf for some players using my crom coins. How is this not a thing?

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Hah! That got me! I’d honestly love a corpse mannequin

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But it could have a flies buzzing noise around it!

If packaged as a premium item, they could bundle it with the “this stinks” emote and a pet maggot.

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Yeah, I do understand this. But I also don’t mean ANY time. Maybe during the lead up to a new age, all previous passes become available for catch up. Depending on when you started, you might not be able to do all of them in the catch up period, maybe would need to have the current season completed (so you can’t pick and choose). Would honestly even be fine with me if the catch up versions removed the Crom coins so you had to pay to unlock but got no currency so it still incentives players to play during the actual time period but doesn’t lock people out of the actual game content forever.

I think the solution is just to offer individual past battle pass items for $10 each. One item. That way new players can buy a single item for the price older players paid for 60 items. **This would eliminate all screaming from past battle pass users in regard to money. **

They still might scream about their snowflake status being diminished but that’s not really a concern to take seriously.

I started playing three weeks ago and I’m very sad that I can’t put on such manequins. I also don’t have the option to buy it separately. There is no such option on the Steam page. I’m ready to pay for free manequins, but I can’t.

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Personally, I would love to see the Armor Displays added into the game as free items since they were, apparently, free in the Battle Pass that they were included in. I was taking an extended break from the game at that point in time, so I had no idea that they were added into the game. Mannequins have been on my list of desired objects for a long time now. Seeing them finally added was exciting until I realized that they were not added into the game as a free object that I could place at any time.

I know that there are some that would say that it was included in a Battle Pass, and therefore, should remain unavailable to me. While there is the alternate version of it in the Bazaar, the fact that the Bazaar is rotational means that I would have to log in every single day in order to ensure that I would not miss out on buying it at a premium.

There are several items that I regret missing out on and wish that more developers would embrace 343 Industry’s way of handling Battle Passes. That is to say; they are permanent additions to the game that offer premium content that I can go back and pay for at any time without the worry of missing out on them because I decided to step away from the game for a while. Hopefully, the Armor Displays, as well as a number of other placeable free Battle Pass Items, and items such as alternate versions of placeables, treasures, weapons, and armor, will become more frequent in the Bazaar rotation moving forward.

I find it quite interesting that the Armor Displays are available in the Bazaar right now… I’m almost convinced that Funcom did that on purpose.


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@Wanderlust :point_up: :blush:

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Welcome to the forum m8.
One thing is certain, this forum exists for a reason and it serves this reason excellent.
Said it a million times, yet what the heck, i’ll say it once more…
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Treat the corpse with natron before using it as a training dummy

Would that be Powder of Corruption or Ash + Salt in this game?

Ash + salt for humans and animals. Powder of corruption for demonic or sorcery type dummies