Many old BUGS are back

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Region: [EU Germany]

With the last update many old bugs come back to the PS4 version. Although they do not seem so strong than 2 years ago, but disturb the game flow very much.

1.Invisible or strong glitching opponents. Speciel all kinds of wildcats or dog species.
2.The thralls have become very useless again in a fight. The following is also damaged.
3.Yesterday, 2 small buildings disappeared. 2 weeks old buildings.
4.Some buildings only appear when you almost standing fore them. Especially all self built light sources are affected.

I allmost forgot: There is no full nudity anymore. This have priority!!! And the new Mainmenu theme sounds like Lord of the Rings. I wont the old one back. :wink:

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Wolves are immortal on my server jus chase the horse in an endless cycle of circles LoL we also lost a full vault that was placed not even a day before patch that was full of stuff from a raid the night before. :disappointed_relieved:

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Hey Stefan-S277,

Regarding nudity, see the reply below:

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