Map Markers for - Friends - Clan Members and the opportunity to form Alliances!

Why is there no way to ally with another Clan? What’s that nonsense ???
And why the hell can I not recognize friends or clan members in this GAME? Not even on the map ???
However, the shrines builts by other players show up at the map. Great logic !!!
These are missing standard features in a survival game with Clan or Coop funktions!

Up up, Now!

you can see clan members on the map … 40 players is probably too few to consider alliance with the max clan size being 10.

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If is there a clan of 10 member, then yes. But most Clans only has 2-4 and rarely up to 6 or more members.
Then there is a big problem if you have built something and like to join a clan, all your builts get lost. You can build everywhere in this Game. Why the hell i loose my built if i want to join someone??? So there is a need for a friends-, coop- or whatever- MARKER.
Clan members ingame:
You can see or make out clan members ingame very badly.
If you’re lucky, the name immediately pops up over his head when you’re nearby.
There’s nothing to discuss in this things, it just belongs in such a game!

There is a price for everything in survival, you cannot have it both ways. If you want to maintain a small 2-4 man clan and NOT merge, then you pay for it with the lack in ingame support provided to members in a clan.

They are not lost or destroyed, simply the ownership is shifted.

Only tier 3 shrines.
I think you may fail to understand the full extent of the avatars and their significance because I do not hear other community members saying it is crazy for a tier 3 alter to show on the map. That’s just how the game is played, it’s a mechanic of the religious warfare system.

Tier 3 altars can be used to summon the avatars of the respective gods, wich can then be used to attack in a PVP game. Thus it is important to know where tier 3 altars are.

I appreciate you trying to explain, why this and why that is.That is so and that is so, jadda jadda jadda. It’s Fan-Boy chatter. Yes, it is! No offence.^^
Im a Fan and like this game too.
But these are functions that have to be in such a game. There is nothing to discuss about it or trying to explain, why!

Then go write it in Notepad instead of on a discussion forum?


Nope. It is exactly right here, especially as the search terms have been defined. :wink:

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