Mass Raider Fighter From Al-Merayah spawning in Grid 2-H Bug

Hello All,

I looked around and could not find any info on this.

I was wondering if anyone is also having this issue. I run a private server (Exiled Lands Map) and recently we have had 15 to 20 random Raider Fighters From Al-Merayah spawning in Grid 2-H just north of that new player spawn area. They spawn in a cluster hoard and attack any new player that newly joins our server when they run past them. needless to say the new players don’t have a chance escaping them along with a massive FPS drop.
anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks! :wink:

Is it possible for two-three players with at least one Thrall each to take these Raiders out, and not have them spawn again? Or do they respawn in the starting area?

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