MASSIVE areas of gameworld non-navigable by thralls, PVE environment frozen in place, Sorcery stations unusable

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: All

Bug Description:

Youtube Video:

Medium and high altitude areas of the map are glitched in many biomes, primarily indicated by saying “Must be placed on walkable floor” when attempting to place thralls. However, this glitch shares several symptoms which are always present:

Thralls/followers cannot be placed, walk through or navigate terrain

  • Thralls or PPCs/creatures are frozen in place, cannot react, fight, or move
  • Sorcery stations such as Transportory Stone, Circle of Power and Shallow Grave cannot be activated, says “You are too far away”
  • Thralls which were placed in these glitched areas pre-issue cannot move
  • Once touching these spots, any followers will become permanently stuck until you pull bracelet and let them Return Home

This is game-breaking because it affects both PVP and PVE environment. World bosses, even lowly mountain goats stand there and cannot move. Once your thrall even touches these spots, they are free targets to be killed on Official servers and you have to leave the area entirely for 10 minutes to allow them to Return Home, hoping each time they’re not found and killed.

Also, for those who have built existing bases with stations and many thralls before this glitch, you cannot recall your body in your own base, and your guard thralls will stand there during raids - so existing bases are defenseless against attack.

The volcano is absolutely blanketed by this glitch but many biomes share it as well, including many popular base locations and towers.

Bug Reproduction:

Visit any of the medium-high altitude locations in the above YouTube video and attempt to place thralls, have a follower follow you, or use sorcery stations.


We’re having this exact issue as well. You can’t build a base in any of the towers, a tree house, or, at Heliograph and use the transportation stone, the zombie grave, or the chalk circle, nor can you place thralls.

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