Material specific containers?

I think it would be much more beneficial to have these battle pass containers actually able to hold anything, especially the ones that don’t look specific to a type of material. For example, the wood container is actually really nice looking. Sure, it’s larger than a chest, but it looks nicer and more unique. Imagine my disappointment when I found out ONLY wood could go in it. And not just any wood, but ONLY the basic chopped wood.

I got bark and sticks in there. The only native tree resource I couldn’t do was resin

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Didn’t try sticks, but I guess that’s one more thing. Regardless, that still doesn’t solve the issue of allowing us to use it for more than that. They’re nice looking containers and I’m tired of only using the basic stuff… and the arcane ones are WAAAAY too large for smaller builds.

I have a feeling these are precursors to drop off points for passive thrall farming.


Hmm… if that’s true, it could be good. I didn’t think of that.

It’s actually awesome they only let a single type resource go in. You can now just click “give all” from a farming run and multiple stacks of items add auto sorted from your loot. I usually keep enough wraps to where my personal use items at the top of my custom build all fill just one chest nicely, drop all my personal loot in a drop chest, then sort all the random stuff I farmed. Being able to give all for wood stone etc now means there’s 3 less steps of sorting to do. I will split food in a fridge so that the fridge is “full” so that I can “give all” without botching my other inventory sortment. These type chests are gonna be a great QOL improvement for narrowing down that misc trash loot.

Now all we need is a thrall “maid” that runs around collecting putrid meat from the player, thralls, cooking stations and thrall pot to auto deposit into compost! :joy:

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