Max combo and spell with campaign badges

With 50 campaign badges obtained thanks to the pvp daily box, we are able to buy on the pvp armory te last combo/spell for char, depending how many campaign badges we can do till last day of summer event ( at least for us pvers so we dont have to do 200 rares, cause pvper addict is easy task anyway through minis)
But which ones are useful for classes? for example I know shiewd bowl VI for bear shaman, repulse VI pom are good, someone told me the demo ones are useless
By your xp what you think is good to take and what to ignore?

Batter aside V - feint attack IX (two handed)
Bloodbath VII - Overwhelm VI (dual wield)

Dark Templar
a soul for our feast V
mystical bane V
unhallowed blight IV
aura of dread fury

Disable IV -Stagger V(polearm)
Dulling blow V - Guard Destroyer IV - Shield Sweep V(sword and shield)

clobber V - stunning punch V (two handed)
whirlwind V - wreck armor IV (dual wield)

Cripple III
Deft Stabs III

Grim Corruption V
Impede Life II
Slow Death Strike V

Herald of Xotli
Body and Spirit Wrack IV
Burn to Death VI
Molten Steel Slash VI
hellfire breath VI

Chill Rank 6
Pestilential Blast Rank 7

Hellfire Stream Rank 6
Shock Rank 5

Bear Shaman
Ferocious Smack V
Shrewd Blow VI
Ursine Brawl IV

Priest of Mitra
Repulse Rank 6
Rebuke Rank 6

Tempest of Set
Call Lightning Rank 3
Storm Field Rank 5

The ToS spells are really good, a new rank of Storm Field and Call Lightning, they both do more damage and are pretty much spells that you always use or have on cooldown, the new Call Lightning rank also give 15% Base Spell Damage instead of 10%. So I would say those are really worth buying.

You know PvP tokens are not only way to gain them? You can drop books in PvE Dungeons khitai or buy them with PvE rares.

I believe he is aware of that, given he said “at least for us pvers so we dont have to do 200 rares”

I think he’s just asking if it’s worth the campaign tokens instead of farming 200 rares or farming dungeons over and over in hopes the right combo/spell drops and you win it.

The caster ones are NOT bad, in most cases, they are just uninteresting small damage increases to spells you use all the time, must have? Maybe not, but worth having? Yes.

An example of a bad upgrade would be, Unhallowed Blight IV for DT, which is completely inferior to Unhallowed Blight II and you’d never use it.

I use it on my dt. The animation is just too cool not to :smile:. Dps on my dt is good anyways haha

I updated first post with all max combo and spell that can be bought on khemi armory(50 campaign badges each), kithai(200 rare each) or item shop(980 fc for all class 1 character)
If someone other can give hint to what is useful/useless to help undecided people

The last rank of Faint Attack must be a good one! Both for DPS in PvP and Aggro in PvE! :smiley:

Does the Vendor ONLY show what spells that character can use?

I was passing through Khemi on my Necro so I popped in to the Armory to see how much the ToS spells were and the vendor only showed me the necromancer one’s.

yes just your class ones

The traders in Khitai (in Pin Pin at the smith or in Shaulun near the entrance) list all spells and combos regardless of which class you play at the moment. The Khemi armory rooms are class bound instances, therefore only “your” items and armor sets will be displayed.

Generally said, the combo and spell books are all “good” in the sense that if they drop or you got rares / badges without any use - take them. They add a little more damage and sometimes got quicker animations.
I guess the only class that does not really benefit from these is the ranger, they get 2 melee combo attacks… and melee rangers are kind of useless.

If you play PvP you might want to go for all the CC combos first, most of them are a lot faster, for example the Barbarian kick and stun.
Also, if you have the T5 rune, some require the highest possible rank to work (for the finesse hits), HoX or Assassin for example. If you want to have this part of the rune work you need to get these books.

It’s only partially true: The combo animation of the advanced version of Cripple is a lot faster than the standard one, so it’s definitely nice to have. :wink:

My opinions inside the quote box (with a couple that you missed). except guardians because i can’t remember them (i think the CCs are good and maybe guard destroyer too).
left the caster stuff free because as I said, maybe they’re not must have, but they’re all free damage upgrade to spells you use, and the ranger stuff because they’re just melee upgrades, take that as you will…

Thank you for the hints, I updated post :+1: