May Crom and the other gods bless the launch!

The hype is boiling in my soul, I can feel the impatiance on everyone waiting for the minute the servers go up! If everything goes well with a bug free launch (most of it, 0 bugs I see its kinda rare), no delays and server stability with the 40 players on, I predict CE getting into top 10 steam online playing within the next days.

Best of luck for you FC, this is a day pretty much expected for lots of people spreaded out in the planet.


I would not invoke Crom :smirk: though I do bid, break a leg!

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You may ask Crom to bless, but Crom does not listen.

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Dammit! I totally forgot about that! You both are right, Crom doesnt care for blessing… Well, if Crom doesn’t care for a good CE launch, to hell with him! :stuck_out_tongue:


Crom does not listen.

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Crom does not care, nor does he listen… bah!

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To paraphrase the Irishman from Braveheart: I don’t know about your gods, but Set tells me you’re fooked.

Be well, brothers and sisters, barbarians all! May we meet and either dance with joy or writhe in blood!

Well said barbarian, well said. My all the gods smile on the Exiled Lands and the Exiles that live in them on the dawn of a new day.

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