Hello Funcom, are enjoying the money from sales today?

I see you sold 1 million copies, HUGE THUMBS UP!!! You did it. Way to go.
Who the hell dropped the ball on the server issue? Just give us a name, we will handle it from there.

Sincerely, Your loyal fan base.

Yay! good luck to you funcom. I really do enjoy the game even with my complaining.

I bought the game back in January, and boy, have I had fun. I carp and complain, but by Crom, I love this game.

would love to play but sadly the whole of funcom has gone dark for they know they have done wrong and every employee is now on the phone trying to buy servers or hermorage huge amounts of money as people chargeback there credit cards for an unplayable game due to lack of servers…im so glad my loyalty of being EA and reporting bugs and problems has led to a nice game for the folks who made it in game at 4am and have not logged off yet, not that that would help

need enough servers so every one isnt filled to the brim waiting in line every night to play

■■■■■■■ Y ou fun com

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39 servers atm for usa
of them atm 3 are 39/40 all pve

think your going to need at least 100 more servers just to not have people waiting in line every night

and begin something for when you need to collapse servers people done have to restart in the whole and behind

I count 60+ Frostfairy 20 PvE and 40PvP

Also I’m pleased I’m actively staying away from the Servers today. Been hanging out in my SP game planning my build… waiting to handle my first purge before I deal with servers lol

I plan on sticking to single player so I can use the admin panel to have fun exploring the map. If I do decide to get online it will be just to mess around a bit, but sp is where I’ll spend the bulk of my time.

I’m rolling single player for a week or so until everything calms down. i 100% expected the over crowding problem. I’m glad its doing so well and I hope they get the server shortage sorted for folks that cant get in asap.

NOW! FUNCOM…No excuses get to work on Pets, Sorcery and Pack mounts (Not fast mounts just mounts that move at player sprint speed and have an inventory).

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That’s what I’m doing now. To be honest, I’m having a blast. It’s refrshing being able to leave my chests and crafting stations outside and not worry about if someone will get some funny ideas.

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