Maybe next time before update ruins game, a warning would be nice!

Not to be all edgy and snarky here, but I think it’s safe to say most of the patches have had major negative effects.

I remember the first major patch to this game, termed the “99 bugs patch”, which was so terrible it would take me at least 3-4 hours to document all the things that broke in the game.

I recall my entire clan quit, because any container or crafting station on a triangular foundation simply got deleted. Not instant decay, not destabilized, it just disappeared (along with thousands of collaborative hours worth of work and materials) never to be seen again. Fifty named thralls, gone. Close to 10K steelfire, 5K star metal, alchemical paste, 200K hardened brick, close to 50K steel reinforcements.

FC pushed that patch, then took a 2 month break. Everyone on officials was just out of luck. Five people I played with quit that day, and haven’t returned past taking a quick look at mounts.

The above isn’t the worst example, just the most memorable incident.


when i am not able for 24-48 hours because they make a update that crashed 70% of the community for sure it becomes the worst update for me, i play officials and i am not able to do anything, i invested allot of my time in this game and i am getting verry pissed especially if the decay timer is still running and funcom doesnt do something to fix this faster

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I am sure that FC is going as fast as they can.

However, looking at the history of patches, do you really want them to rush this? One of the “hotfixes” deleted structural supports and many bases crumbled into nothing a few years ago.

They’re barely able to fix problems as it is at times; best to be patient, or the “solution” will end up being worse than the problem.

no i dont wanna rush them,. i want them to undo this bs, i wanna play my game…
but seems to me you cant read between the lines…and thats ok


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LOL, epic fail.


And here I was wondering if I’d play on private/official servers or solo, guess I’ll just go solo which will avoid future deletion of hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Not sure if they have patched it yet,i have been playing all morning fine no probs ,NOW …i last about 2 mins and game freezes WTF Funcom ,have a word with yourself, ( i must do better ) !!


can anyone point to a post or statement by funcom where they publicly owned this mess of their creating, and said they were sorry?

Now that would have been productive when it comes to community development.

Instead people get their posts banned, deleted and some even get dog piled for criticizing and expressing how they feel.

Blaming players is just another dividing tactic. - which quislings use.

A veces sigue saliendo el mismo mensaje que salía durante la actualización, no va muy bien aun

Ooooh, snarky! Mark this day, everyone, we brought @Kapoteeni one inch closer to the Dark Side :wink: :heart:

On a more serious note, since major bugs happen in major updates, I think that a warning two days before a release would go a long way to help people prepare and make them less anxious and frustrated when the patch hits.

So I created a suggestion to do that. Anyone interested in supporting it? Here it is:

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Mine has worked, without fail, even after the update.

I was (falsely) accused for being passive-aggressive in another thread twice this week, so now I’m practicing how to be properly passive-aggressive.


After FOUR YEARS I’ve come to accept this game will always be thos way. Lol. It’s still fun, you just have to bare through the patches. My daughter likes the opening cut scene so when the game is broken we just watch that over and over hahaha

I wish Funcom would have listened back in Feb when so many were saying we don’t need or want a Launcher. But they did not and now they broke things that were working fine. Fix the things that are broke and what works leave alone from now.

After 15 years of online gaming, I have learned to take a few days off after a major patch day and play something else.


I was told on the 12th on Discord by the Funcom Devs the patch was hitting. And that info was passed down to the various mod and server Discord servers.

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Just a quick addition here…from my understanding, Skyrim and it’s various incarnations (ESO, etc) are wildly popular and continue to sell quite easily to this day. I’m am also of the understanding that the game is also plagued with bugs to the point where whole threads of memes exist based around specific issues.

I’m not really making a point with the statement, simply pointing out that as the complexities of video gaming, and more specifically online gaming, continue to grow and evolve, so will the issues. If a game is solid at it’s core, something I believe Conan Exiles is, then the fans will learn to live with/work around these problems. I also cannot speak from a place of real anger as I have only experienced minor issues and/or inconveniences and that is across the PS4 and PC.

That’s great news! Do they do that pretty consistently?

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