Mega Wish List (regularly updated)


That the point, actualy nothing to loot/harvest in dungeons. Dungeons are single run.

-Dregs : abysmal meat? Nop, we have better food outside (aloe soup)
-Palace of the witch queen: Nothing.
-Arena : who care about black lotus?
-Frozen temple : black ice. Yep, but there some spots outside.
-Black keep : only the heart
-Barrow king : nothing
-Well of skelos : nothing, obsidian and lotus are outside the dungeon.


There are chests with loot in several of those areas. Killing the critters inside the dungeons also provides loot.

We seem to play differently. I do not race through a dungeon and fight the boss only. I fight the adds and collect the resources found inside caves or chests.


Sure, but chests and mobs loots are not differents than somewhere else. You wont have better loots in the black keep than skeletons and chests just outside the dungeon, it’s the same kind of loot.


There is more silver and gold inside.


That’s right more coins on mobs but nothing special you can get only in dungeon. There silver and gold in many places (ship wrecks, unnamed city, silver lode, npc) in the game, you dont need to farm Black keep for that. But still good spot if your base is closer to the dungeon than the jungle for example. Anyway if every chest in dungeons would give silver/gold bars, it would be really interesting to return regularly.


Change that to “proper” world bosses. Because the current ones are keykeeping random enemies. They should instagib anyone who doesnt block -> requiring at least 2 people to kill them. They are rather tedious to kill, but I think they are being reworked currently? I am curious if they will turn out to be actual bosses.

Change that to some kind of friend list, which would obviously work like alliance. Friends should be the same to a character like clanmates, being influenced by friendly fire multiplier.

Some other wish of mine:
Being able to “recycle” thralls. Like leveling them up until they get to be useful again - but not in the way like ark, rather like a randomized “throw a certain number of thralls in, let it process (maybe a breeding chamber station? 5x5x3? :joy:) and get one thrall of the next quality”.


Some building stuff like:

T1 sandstone gate frames… (Weaker than the T2 ones naturally…)

Perhaps some T1 improvised gates too to go with the sandstone gates…

Some higher tier drawbridges to better match the other building styles… (Reinforced wood ones at least.)

Hidden doors that blend in with our walls. (Perhaps with the outer switch looking like a torch? or other wall decoration we already have in game?)

Iron and steel spikes.(Stronger than the wooden ones)

Iron and steel palisades.(Stronger than the wooden ones.)

The ability to mount spikes on the walls… (Or at least have a wall mounted variant)


Great list👍
I personally like the idea of buildable caravans and a fight pit for Thralls and ofcourse of more building tiles like more doors, doorways, windows…
And to push PvP what’s about more Siege and defense possibilities:
Battering Ram
Scaling ladders
Ballista with and without grapnels
Buildable siegetower
Wall drills
Moveable protective walls
Onagers to throw dead bodies which will spread pestilence
Water building tiles to build a moat around your base (right now there is a mod in development to make this possible)
Doorways with portcullis
More traps


That is a really good list :smiley:

Keep up the good stuff :hugs:

You might want to add that respec must be adjusted. Separating feats and stats might be a good start but also making people use a T2 temple to respec stats would make more sens.

  • Make Lotus potion only reset feats
  • Use t2 temple to reset stats.

There is a good part of people form all modes of the game that agree that something like this should be done. just a note: T2 temple takes about 3 hours to build, you can get it at lvl 20.


I would also like to suggest that there should be a better warning system when one of your outpost are under attack.

Like a message in top of the screen warning you that your thrall has engaged an enemy. There could even be a red x on the map when this happens :smiley:

If someone killed one of your thralls the game should really give you some type of message in game :thinking:


A visual effect to corruption… What I’m thinking, in the most basic sense right now, is that every step of corruption would make you look more and more tapped or withered, to the point where full corruption would make you look almost like one of the skeletons that roam around (not fully of course, but close)

This would add a way to identify spellcasters (to those who feel that being able to distinguish people based on what they do combatwise, or whatever it is, is important) for when sorcery is implemented (if/whenever of course) :slight_smile: and it would generally give you the feel that corruption actually saps your lifeforce away, by the whole looking withered and frail ^^


Pillar Snap Points for Foundations and Walls

(and Ceiling tiles)

Add Admin/Purge:
Ability to make Purges humaniod only (no animal purges – Exiles, Darfari, Black Hand, Relic Hunters, etc)


What about more in depth alchemy like where the alchemical ingredients have properties of their own and the more feat points you put into survival the more you know about those properties in different ingredients and can make more potions that have different effects good and bad. Like in skyrim where you have to test different ingredients to learn a certain effect.


just no things like siege towers etc. they wont see use anyway… simply put an additional wall or overhang to your existing walls and they are pretty much obsolete before they can be constructed… plus. whats the point in having 4 different kinds of catapults… lmao pretty useless


With regards to Thrall animation on wheels of pain.

  • The actual thrall model which you captured rather than the static ones
  • something which shows that the thrall is “broken” / done. I imagine it might be too much work to say add additional slots for broken thralls to sit next to the wheel or something like that once they’re done, but perhaps more realistic facial (less defiant) features, and different body language (less proud, chest no longer puffed up, head bowed).

Other than that I like the list :slight_smile: alot of stuff I’ve been writing down myself as I played.

One thing I noticed is that to me at least the crafting system seems to be something you really have to be careful with so as to not waste feat points on. At least as far as I’ve come now in the late 40s levels.

It would make more sense if the crafting system was tree based sort of where an initial high cost of unlocking “sword”, “axe”, “spear” etc was required, but then as you spend points to unlock higher level/quality swords the cost isn’t as large because you’re still just making the same weapon, though with a new material. It makes sense imo from a RP perspective as well.

And on the RP subject. I would really love it if you could see in your stats what you first picked on character creation. I know it doesn’t matter in the game, but thats sort of the point with RP anyway.


Please add this to your list as it is fully detailed HERE Breaking down armor, tools, and weapons for resources.


Agreed it would be nice to be able to break down walls and other building pieces for resources too…

I’d also like them to fix what they did to wall palisades so that I can make an actual wall of them on the ground again… (Aparently they messed with them because players were killing world bosses by using the wall palisades to do exactly what they were designed to do: Restrict enemy movement while damaging enemies that are too close to them. I guess tweaking the World boss AI to attack and destroy nearby wall palisades was too hard for them so they decided to make them useless for their intended purpose instead.)

I’d also like trap doors that enemies can fall through… (Which would lead to fun new possibilities with base building, especially if we can tame animals for defense… Just imagine dropping an enemy into a pit full of hungry wolves that we’ve gathered up. Or if we can tame dragons building our own “rancor pit…”)


allegedly you can tame ANY animal and they have more uses than just be a pet on yourbshoulder ie. they can defend your base or carry stuf for you.

tho im building a castle on a server aptly named drangleic castle. guess what mobs im gonna capture and place in and near it :wink:


Another suggestion (also sort of a work-in for the sorcery system, whenever it hopefully comes)
A new weapon type: Staves… I’m thinking that if it’s not supposed to be possible to fling fireballs and whatnot from your hand (perfectly fine by me), then would it perchance be lore friendly to fling lightning or fireballs from a staff? :stuck_out_tongue: have it as some sort of conduit for the magic…
I’m thinking they’ll work with the corruption, as in you for example use corruption somehow to actually build and repair them, and they of course have varying degrees of effectiveness (I.E adept, apprentice, master staves and such), like the different weapon tiers…

It’s all fair if people disagree, this is only a thought really :smiley:


List updated 16.7