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I know the building zones allow you to build at the spire. On my server there are multiple outposts and transports, including my own.

Yesterday I had a player message me and threaten to report me if I do not destroy my structure. What is the likelyhood that I will be deleted for building an outpost at the spire?

I would also like to note that I am the only player who placed an elevator for other players to access the spire more easily. No NPC have despawned so is my structure an actual offense?


Its a common place to build , as long as you make sure the master carpenter and the vendors spawn there its safe on my opinion but again you never know from funcom for certain.


Honestly, I’d build as small as possible there. I literally have just a small round structure big enough to hold a transportory stone and a dancer above it. It’s also got a single cupboard that I use to unload or hold blood crystals for the dungeon. If you and others build small like that, it may influence others to know it’s not a full-blown outpost location. Also, as nice as the elevator may be, I’d pass on it. If others wanna get there, they’ll figure it out. Most players will build their own transportory stones, so your elevator may be useless after the first discovery.


It’s a small structure like 5x5 and the elevator just attached to the backside because there was an available space for it. 2 dancers and a couple storage and a transport.

Seems pretty small, but probably could be smaller still. Regardless, the guy just sounds like a dick. Maybe jazz it up and make it look nice? That sometimes makes people change their tune. I know I hate to see sandstone boxes, or just boxes in general strewn across the land.

This is mine if you’re curious. It’s not too complex or fancy, but it’s nice looking rather than a box.


I just don’t like building up there. It looses so much when everyone feels entitled to build something and starts looking like ghetto trash. I would prefer folks recognizing the savannah and the spider caves as part of the resources there and put up their stuff with the entire area in mind (vs just one area) but that’s just me.


Everyone is entitled to build lol. It’s placement and size that bothers me. When it’s placed in an inconvenient spot or blocks a path or resource. Or when the structure is so large it disconnects you when it’s rendering. There’s a gigantic walled structure in the savanna and small boxes all over the spire and savanna and opposite side on the river. It’s actually difficult to walk there.

As a rule for myself ill never build near any structure that requires players to interact to get materials or quests.

Therefore - never get reported.


The question is, is it against code of conduct or an offense in some way not do people like it when you build in a great spot. Seems like it would be a No building zone if it was not allowed.

which side of the tower is it on? are u preventing the big croc boss below in the lagoon from respawning? that happenes alot on my server and no one realizes theyre doing it.

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That is about the size of one of my drop bases. The problem is when you get 6 or 7 in an area. Right now Mek spire is a pretty laggy area for me because of the amount of builds and lights there. Has 2 public elevators to it. One blocks the WB spawn below there.

I have a drop base in the area, it’s a hunting base with a trans stone, dancer, bearer. and T4 fighter. It’s a bit larger ish I mean I made it big enough for a tanner. In the area meaning in the savanna, up on a rock, don’t even have an elevator.

Seems like it but no. Many of us would like to see more inclusive no build zones. But there are quite a few places you can build that will get you a ban.

Has on the public server I’m on, but doesn’t really matter any more does it?

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No it’s on the dungeon transport side up top. It’s small and there’s other players built up there. It’s really just a transport stone I have there. On the right side of the spire when you come up the path. All the way on the edge of the cliff behind the palisade fences that are a part of the camp. I’ll try to take a picture when I get on later. Nothing despawns. I never block resources even iron to build a structure.

Yea I wish we could get official input on these subjects lol. Can an admin just say publicly stop building on the spire so people aren’t angry and people aren’t getting banned without warning. You should not be able to build there if it IS NOT allowed. That’s kinda like a trap. Bait almost. Would be much easier if it was clear cut because I wouldn’t do it. Most other people wouldn’t do it either if it isn’t allowed. This is a game and I shouldn’t have to be afraid of building when that’s the point of the game. I’m a fair player and don’t want to be banned without knowing that it is a crime. Would like to know officially. Lol

Your post was going perfectly for me until this…
The elevator that many people construct and i hate the most is in the sinchole :confused:, everytime i see one i ask why???
It’s pve, player vs environment. So if i have to go to take the damn recipe and why not kill the dragon if i wish, i have to find the way to do it, that’s pve.
So in your case that you try to make things easier, what’s the hard part already? 2 hyenas?
Don’t get me wrong, you want to have an elevator for your self, so be it, do it since the game allows you to do so, but it’s game breaking not game helping if you’re getting me.
The only thing that exile landers could do to help each other is maprooms. But open maprooms without walls and decorations. This way you help both the server community and the server performance. If someone needs a thrall from volcano, he jumps on his maproom goes to volcano, knock down the thrall, jumps on the volcano maproom travel close to his home and place the Thrall to his wheel. So people don’t need tp stone constructions literally everywhere :man_shrugging:. But now on the official servers i play mostly all the people use tp stones… In exile lands? Sad!
Anyway, i derailed, sry about that @PriestessAthena.
Upload a photo please, but i think the particular structure you speak about must be fine.
What concerns me is something else. How big is your main base and how many other outposts you have. You know my friend, in order to be banned someone has to report you first. No matter how big you are, if none reports you nothing touches you. So…
If you are already big and spread, will you risk everything for an outpost?


Completely inscrutable.
There is no consistency in enforcement of build rules/regulations/suggestions across instances.

This one has seen bans for blocking Brimstone, and the same week read that blocking the spawns of World Bosses and Legendary Chests is entirely acceptable.
Whimsy is the law of the land.


I do not have large structures all over. Just a couple outposts, 2-3 and one actual base. Also not a very big base imo. The elevator again just happened to fit on the back of the structure. I build fairly small and I’m usually solo.


Then no worries, let him report.

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Whimsy is the law of the land.

That belongs in the book of quotes.

it also reflects my own experience.

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