Build Radius at Mek-Kamoses Spire Despawns Golem Merchant

Players are able to build too close to the Golem trader at Mek-Kamoses spire camp, which permanently despawns trader after server reboot.

I can recreate this in single-player (default/official settings) but have not had the opportunity on multi-player due to land already being claimed. However, it was brought to my attention by a youtube video who showed it happening on official server. (second-hand comfirmation)

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My server has quite a few builds around there, including a small transportory stone of my own, but none have despawned anything. Kinda makes me wonder just how close someone must build to do that. :thinking:

If you follow the “no building allowed” line with foundations on the edge of it, from the mountain past the merchant and across the front of the smaller spire on left edge, it will despawn. I don’t know which of those foundations does it, but it’s a pretty straight line that runs right behind the merchant.

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Sounds like a fairly specific point that blocks him. I’d hate for them to block building by expanding it too much, but perhaps they should do it just enough to ensure it doesn’t happen. Having transportory stones there is a nice convenience, though I’ve seen some get a bit carried away with theirs. I’ve found them also to be convenient as a location for trading with others, since a lot of people have one in the area. “Meet me at Mel’s.” “Sounds good, be there in a moment.”

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Adding link to original video that tipped me off (not mine) youtube/watch
?v=jxeQ-1Gb3r8 Starts at 1:32
(note, the video is trash and his other complaints are pointless)

I do have screenshots of my singleplayer “line” drawn with the foundations, but I can’t upload them because I’m a new user.

@Dana would it be possible to allow him to post video and images for this issue?

Forum restrictions lifted, I can post screenshots now.

Also, just to confirm, I was able to recreate the bug a second time in single player.
Steps taken to recreate this bug are:
1: build as close to golem merchant as you can.
2: restart server.
The golem merchant will not spawn
The process can be reversed by removing the building pieces and then restarting server again.


Same applies to Sepermeru, etc. It’s one of the Bannable offenses so not a good idea at the best of times.

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