New Trader caravan put my Transportory Stone within "Building Not Allowed". Do I have to move?

So, as title states, the new update brought Trader Caravans, and one of 'em happened to spawn just next to a Transportory Stone & Map-Room outpost I had built for community use. Certainly goes without saying I’ll have to move it before the next purge comes to damage it, 'cause I’m not allowed to rebuild it…

But I’d like to know if I’m in danger of a ban now that my building is inside a “camp”, even though it’s the camp that placed itself in my sphere. Mind, I’m not tryna get my clan banned for a build-not-allowed area building itself around my stuff, obviously we gotta move it eventually, but I was hoping to spend what little free time I have enjoying the new content rather than scrambling to keep my clan from disappearing.

Kinda hoping for official input on this, thanx.

There’s no use acting all surprised about it. The plans were on display at your local planning office in Tarantia for the last nine months. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On display? He eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.


Depending on the area you’re in purges might not be so severe as to damage what’s in your buildings, but that is beside the point i suppose. For safety (from both reports and if a purge DOES break things, you probably are better off shifting things or moving alltogether. Not to mention the Khitan guys like to help others punch down on players and their belongings.

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