Men in Black Vans-quest

I need a password for the computer in the back of the van. The ‘hint’ says “My wife”.
There are 2 bodies nearby,one male,one female. I’ve tried Emily Chan 1689477 in every combination,with no success. I’ve searched for more bodies,also with no success.
I’m stumped.

Where did you get that name?

Oh wait, is that the female agent there? Probably unlikely two agents on the same assignment are married. Check the tags again, there may be another place (like a website) to find out more information about the agents.

The Orochi Group website has an employee database…


Got it. The male body near the van was Kitsune Hayabusa. I usd the link you gave,input the info and got his wife’s name,Sally Andersen. The password was “Sally”.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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