Meshing around for a building style mod

I’ve been making some meshes for a log pallisade building style, somewhat like the wall around new asgard. I thought about modding this into the game when I noticed the devkit apparently is 180gb? Is it really that big?

So far i’ve only made some really basic meshes for fences, walls and ceilings, no bumpmaps and very unoptimised obv. Would anybody be interested in seeing this ingame?


Yes, the dev kit is part of the U4 digital distribution interface package.
so while the kit itself isn’t that big, you get all the U4 bells and whistles junk.
I wanted to do a bit of modding myself, but I just don’t have room RN.

The Log palisades look fantastic btw.
great work.


Thanks, I do have the room on my disk but considering it’s a 5 day download I wanted some feedback on the palisade to see if it’s worth investing time in. Glad to hear you like it.

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Go for it ! It’s really good in my opinion !


Thanks you two. I find positive feedback to be a good motivator. I’m downloading the devkit, hopefully its as easy to use as the software i use for modelling.

Edit: I modelled a foundation while I wait for the download:

Edit2: Testing what a black ice version wood look like.


This stuff is really good, you are doing a wonderful job. :slight_smile:

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Meshes work fine in editor, so that means im almost done. Only need to fix the textures and the building piece snapping now. :smiley:


Getting closer.

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