Method of punishment of cheaters

Currently it is clearly known that many players of official servers are engaged in cheating using gliths, hacks and bugs, it is true that there are methods to notify the existence of such failures but absolutely nothing is done with those who conscientiously use them to make the life impossible for players who want to continue playing in the same conditions as other players causing the servers to empty. We already know that you can not put moderators or administrators to control the servers but if a web or a section of forum where you can expose the players who use them by providing evidence screenshots. and that way funcom will take direct measurements on said server and against the player. the players that we want to play a game where we are all in the same condition and with the same rules we are tired of seeing how they are allowed to do it without funcom take action or so siquieras hear us. it could and even add a complaint system like it has steam.I sincerely believe that it is not difficult and would not take any extra expense increase to punish cheaters

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