Might want to create an section that is like an odds and ends forum for posts

I come to the board today and after the first two threads, what I see on the board mostly locked threads. I started thinking maybe Trump has an account in CE and is madly posting.

May want to think about having a topic section you can move such posts to since the optics of all these locked threads on the board are bad.

That’s what “general discussion” is for. General discussions about the game. Stuff that doesn’t fit into any other forum category. Odds and ends.

The problem here isn’t that there isn’t a forum for those posts. It’s that those posts are against forum rules, whether we agree with them or not.

It’s why you get a front page looking like that though. Does that look good to a person visiting the site for the first time?

It may be against the rules but the locks cause a bad optic.

When I cam on today like I said there were only two open and active threads since my last visit and the rest we locked down.

I was like wth.

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The forum seems to be getting more toxic, and people just flame on without reading the TOS. I also agree they should hide the locked threads.

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I am not so sure they should be hidden. Sends a clear message to all knuckleheads that keep doing it.

How’s that working out?

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They do have an odds and ends section. Its when a thread is delisted. Usually threads that are locked are also delisted. No idea why they haven’t done that here. Occasionally if a thread goes way off topic, but isn’t toxic, they’ll delist but not lock the thread. So the participates can say their peace to each other.

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