[Mild Spoiler Warning] (New Cache Loot & Info)


Mount: Serengeti Courser
Outfit: Neo-Tribal Warrior
Pet: Tagati’s Guard Dog

Epic Weapon Bag:

“Witch Doctor’s Weapon MK III”
Effect: "Whenever you hit you have a 33% chance to hex your target and deal an additional 144-719 (0.15% CP?) magical damage. The damage dealt increases each time this effect is applied, up to a maximum of 5 times. This effect is guaranteed to trigger on critical hits. When an enemy affected by this hex is defeated, nearby enemies are dealt 9-450 magical damage, based on the number of times the damaging effect has been applied.

Now, unsure if that is for ALL or just the assault rifle I received.

Extraordinary Talisman Reward Bag (Head Talismans):

Oni Blood: Whenever you heal the same target 5 times, they gain a leech effect that heals 10% of their damage dealth for 3 seconds. This effect can heal up to 359 damage before being removed.

Tachyon Pigment: Whenever you are hit 5 times in succession or whenever yo uhit the same enemy 3 times in succession, the durage of your currently running recharge timers on Special Abilities is reduced by 3%.

Ashes of Shriven Souls: Whenever you are hit 5 times in succession or whenever you hit the same enemy 3 times in succession, your next Power Ability has 20% increased Critical Power.

(Below Unchanged since Patch 2.1.5 (?) - minus snowballs!)

Purified Talisman Distillate Bag
Purified Weapon Distillate Bag
Purified Signet Distillate Bag
Purified Glyph Distillate Bag

Additional Contents:
Bag of Third Age Fragments (8-12)
OR Hoard of Third Age Fragments (45-55)
AND/OR Pure Anima - Supreme Potency (1-2)

Other Cache Notes:

  • Each time you open a cache and do not get a a top tier result, your chance of getting the top tier result on the next cache increases. A top tier result includes the pet, mount, or purple weapon bag (or purple talisman bag). Once you get one of those, your increased chance will reset. To be absolutely clear. This does not include outfit pieces, the full outfit, or (blue extraordinary head talismans - confirmed.).

  • Increased the amount of distillate XP gained when opening Purified Distillate Reward Bags gained from caches. The amount gained increases based on your highest achieved Item Power. Change as of Patch 2.1.5.

* Outfit piece (Recolor), Mount (Recolor), and Pet (Recolor) available at the Cache vendor for Third Age Fragments.

Have any more information on the new caches considering new items? Please post below!
Work in progress since the Cache is not wanting to open up right now for me.

And as always, this cache and all previous caches can be viewed in the SWL Indexes.


Saw that! Still would like to post a general thread to find out weapon / head talisman suffixes/effects!

I left the tab open and came back to see the screenshot added. Neat to see you updating in real time! Thanks for the info.


Np man and yeah updating as I get the proc effects - I should have the weapon and all talismans updated so far! :smiley: